January 29, 2015

She Hulk Heroclix Repaint

After doing my Reaper Bones figure up as the Red Hulk, I decided to dig this one out for some custom paint work. The sculpt stuck in my head because it seemed to capture She Hulk's stature and strength, without sacrificing her femininity, or making her too 'cheesecake.' (Sorry the photos on this post are a little blurry.)

The skin on the figure was a really dark green and I wanted something a little more vibrant. So I repainted it using GW Goblin Green with a GW Thraka Green wash over top. It gave a little more depth, but when I tried highlighting with goblin green again it looked crappy. I'm obviously better at sharper edges and armor than soft curves. In the end I put another coat of wash over top of the green. It's decent but I'm not entirely happy with result, as I was hoping for something more along the lines of the green hulk I already have.

For her clothing I covered her shoes and the white areas of her suit with Secret Weapon Grey Wash to add some shadows. Following that I applied GW Bone White as a highlight on the upper areas.

The purple part of her suit was very dark so I added a little depth with some GW Liche Purple. The difference is very subtle, so I'm tempted to go over it with another highlight in a lighter purple to bring it up even more.

The original colour of the hair was almost perfect, so I dry brushed with GW Snot Green followed by the goblin green. Another coat of Thraka wash finished it up for a little more depth and shine.

She doesn't match with my other Hulk due to the darker skin tone, but in general it still turned out pretty well. Total painting time on this one was about an hour.


styx said...

Nice Work!

Obsidian3D said...

Thanks. I've been cranking through quite a bit of superhero paint work this month.