January 13, 2015

Lex Luthor in Prison Jumpsuit

For the new year I didn't want to post this as my first finished item. It just seemed...underwhelming. In truth this Lex figure had initially been painted for quite a while, but I was never quite happy with it. You wouldn't think painting a bald figure in an orange jumpsuit would be much of a challenge, but I ended up repainting it three times before it finally seemed to look done to me. The last repaint happened during my Christmas break, but I hadn't rebased him yet.

While working on my TMNT figures I decided that he needed a base that suited his outfit. I liberated a custom base insert from my Carnevale collection that looked like it might fit a prison cell and put him on that to add some character. Painting the base took a few seconds and he was all finished!

The figure itself is from the Heroclix Superman "Fast Forces" starter set.

I've got plans for more superhero game stuff, other incarnations of Luthor, and more 'clix conversions and repaints coming up this year. Keep your eyes peeled!


styx said...

I like it...

Obsidian3D said...

Appreciated. :) I'm looking forward to doing the scientist and power suit versions soon.