June 16, 2015

Batman Gaming Materials - Objectives, Lamps & Sewers

Part of my very first order from Knight Models for the Batman Miniature Game was a set of their objective markers. Along with those first figures I also ordered a pack of the lamps and sewers which included three of each. I knew I'd want to be able to run demoes and games with my friends, so in a future order from Endalyon, I added another set of objectives and two more sets of lamps and sewers (the two-packs this time).

There are seven of these total

The first thing I painted for the game awhile back was that original set of objectives. Next I started in on the lamps and sewer tokens. I'd planned on leaving the sewer tokens without bases but once the lamps were painted something just didn't seem right, so I ended up basing everything. It works fine and they look decent enough. It's tough doing something interesting with plain old manhole covers. They look alright on the table, but strike me as a touch boring really...although they did photograph rather nicely.

The arched lamps turned out quite well. I'm considering making it look like the lamps are actually casting light at some point. In the short term however I'm calling them finished.

The gas lamps proved to be a pain. This had nothing to do with the models however; I decided to use some GW Flesh Wash on them which ruined everything! The pigmentation in that wash is really high and it stained the underlying paint so thoroughly that I had to repaint them entirely. They're just markers, but necessary for every game of BMG we'll be playing so I'm happy to have them finished.

The printed rule book changed how riddle objectives worked by requiring two tokens on the table for a single selection, so I had to make a second pair and get them painted up alongside the second pack of official markers. They were very easy to make and turned out handsomely I think. I actually think that I like them better than the official ones.

As for the second objective pack, I converted the Titan the same way as the first one I painted. I sort of themed them so that I'd have one set of 'blue' tokens and one 'green'. I was going to paint my custom riddles blue as well, but decided against it, since they were already visibly different from the other pair.

It might seem pretty silly to be so excited about tokens and lampposts, but I've quite proud of how they all came out. Now if only I had some bloody figures for the game painted them I could really have something to crow about...


Simon Quinton said...

Very cool! I wonder if you could print a template in Yellow or something to represent the light provided by the lamp posts. But I suppose it depends on how flat your board is etc.

Obsidian3D said...

I was just going to do a quick blast with the airbrush to create the lighting effect.

In the games we have played the lamps often end up near other scenery items. I don't mind measuring from the marker base to check if they are in light or not.