June 15, 2015

Incursion "Buckets 'o Blood" Pledge Rewards Arrive

I've posted a few times about Incursion by Grindhouse Games. The campaign offered up some excellent looking figures and an update to a game I quite like. They (as most campaigns do) got caught with shipping and production delays, but things are finally here. It was a bit of surprise as I hadn't received any shipping notification. That's certainly not worth complaining about. Good job on getting the game out to backers folks!

The box for the core game is massive and has a ton of stuff inside. With all the stretch goal zombies we got there is something like five dozen zombies to use in your games. The Snafu expansion box isn't quite as large as the core game, although it is still a rather hefty package. Both boxes contain a copy of the new submarine tile as well as the new 'Assets' book.

It's nice to see that all the extra items come in a standard size box with a nice tray. I've put the extra dice into the other boxes, but otherwise haven't really done much beyond look at everything. The quality of the plastics is good, and the only complaint I have from my brief look is the size of the head on the KS exclusive German figure. It's very obviously too small for the body. I didn't order any of the metals but I would guess that it's an artifact of the plastic production process. It's sad to see but really not a big deal in the long run.

I'm very happy that the package has been delivered and am looking forward to playing with the new set. On the other hand however, I must confess that my excitement for the game has been tempered by the long wait, and the fact that I have a copy of the 1st edition. There is a lot of gaming goodness to be had in these boxes. When I'll actually get to it is another matter entirely.


Simon Quinton said...

Looks good. I thing this is the problem with kickstarter. The hype etc has worn down and needs to be ramped back up again after its hits peoples doormats.

Obsidian3D said...

You're exactly right. It's doubly so in this case as the game is one I'm already familiar with and have played. It doesn't have the same 'new shiny' driver behind it as some of the other recent arrivals.