June 17, 2015

Batman Miniatures Game - 250 Rep Game Report

Continuing my journey into the Batman Miniatures Game, we played another game over the weekend. We elected to play a 250 rep game. My opponent stuck with the Arrow crew: Arrow, Huntress, adding Ron w/ ammo, a Policeman w/ whistle and a Policewoman w/ whistle. I played my Bane crew again: Origins Bane, Mohawk w/ grapple, Smash w/ Titan, Dallas and Copperhead.

We rolled the "Plunder" scenario and set up. I ended up with two lamps and sewers to Brad's one of each. The small number of lamps for the scenario was of benefit to me, as I'd have more room to maneuver without getting shredded by ranged fire from Arrow and Huntress. Both crews took riddle, loot and Titan as their objectives.

Here are some game highlights:

- The riddle tokens were attempted early. The first for each side were failed, but we didn't have any VP to lose. The other two netted 1VP for my crew.
- Extra ammo was picked up by Huntress and Dallas. It became a question for me as to whether I sit on the ammo for VP or get out there and do something! I sent Dallas to go shoot at police officers.
- Copperhead disappeared into the sewers early, waiting for a good time and place to return.
- Whistles for the cops are powerful. I used Smash's Titan dose at the beginning of round 3, but wasn't able to attack with him that turn. The policeman kept allocating special so I could never move. (I'm actually not sure if we are playing the Stop rule correctly. Not being able to move or spend MC while in the cops line of sight feels almost broken.)
- Bane wasted his efforts on Ron when he should have chased down Huntress instead. This might have allowed Bane or Smash to do something, or at least force him to load up on special tokens.
- I finally used the "Inspire" and "Follow Me" rules and was impressed with the result. Being able to use a Titan dose and inspire a henchman is pretty awesome.
- Arrow blinded Mohawk and stopped him from picking up a Titan dose like I'd planned. In the next turn however, Mohawk grappled up and pushed that prick off a building. Happy dance!
- Mohawk dropped down to help Copperhead out with a very annoying defensive policewoman.
The game ended up 16 to 12 in favour of my crew. Not much of a victory, but I'll take it.

General thoughts about the game

We played through this one quite a bit faster but it's still a lengthy process for us. As our experience grows we are trying new things (like Inspire and Push) which is great. We are still slow because we are both learning. It'd be a lot faster if we had an experience player to help us along.

Thoughts about Copperhead

The only knowledge of Copperhead I have is from the Arkham Origins video game. I dig the character design and she seemed a good fit for my Bane crew so I bought the model. According to the FAQ she is missing Undercover on the card which makes a huge difference to her playability in my mind.

Undercover is a great ability, and that 4 attack is very solid. She can really load up on attack dice but the challenge I had was hitting anything with her 5+ strength.  That's not a problem with Copperhead, simply my ability to roll dice. I should have been taking advantage of technique, rather than putting counters into defence. If I'd focused on knocking down the policewoman with technique Mohawk could have gone off to do other things. All in all I enjoyed how Copperhead played and will definitely be using her in future games.


Simon Quinton said...

Nice report mate. Its a bit tricky at first isn't it. I agree an experience player is a great help :)

Obsidian3D said...

Thanks. I enjoy Bane's crew a lot. They have a lot of utility while walking the line between a swarm and elite team of heroes.