September 02, 2008

Another long weekend, more great fun.

Our switch team tournament went off spectacularly! I was really excited to see eight players show up with eight completely different decks. The format was embraced by all the attendees and was claimed to be good fun by everyone. And for me, that's what playing Vs System is all about.

Rather than go into detail I'll just give a brief run down of the decks and the winners. As usual, this is from memory, so I may make a few mistakes, but I'll do my best to overcome my middle-age memory gaps! Our pool of submitted decks consisted of Warbound, Thunderbolts, Brotherhood, Crime Lords / Avengers, Gotham Knights, Avengers / Thunderbolts, Revenge Squad and on other deck that currently slips my memory. I want to say Shadowpact, but that just doesn't sound right.

So the way the switch deck tourney works is that each player submits a deck to the pool. Each round, the players are given a random deck from the pool. They cannot pilot their own deck, or one that they have already used. At the end of three rounds of play the player with the best record is chosen, as is the most-winning deck. The creators of those decks play them against each other determine the final winner of the tournament.

We had one undefeated player: Roy, and one undefeated deck, created by Scott. They had brought in Warbound and Thunderbolts respectively, so that was what the final matchup was. The game went down to the wire with Hulk, Worldbreaker facing down a board of huge Thunderbolts...including a pumped up Radioactive Man who effectively stopped Roy from playing any plot twists to save himself from the stun and following face-smashing. In short, the winner of our first switch-deck tournament was Scott! Congratulations. :)

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