September 26, 2008

Fear the Power of Darkseid

I've been meaning to make a Darkseid deck for quite some time now, and finally did so about a week ago. I've been able to play 4 or 5 games with it and am very happy with how well it's been performing. The first game was a three player game and Kanto was a serious threat for both of my opponents to face. I was able to use his power twice; once to remove a 7-drop Defenders Hulk, and the second time to remove an Iron Man equipped with four pieces of extremely nasty equipment! There was a lot of swearing in that game... :)

Darkseid has also had success against an X-Men build running Sage and Bad Press (thank god for resource row manipulation!), Gotham Knights and a Secret Society team up. There are a few cards I'd like to switch in, but I need to hop online to buy them. I'll post a deck list up after tomorrow's "Luck of the Draw" tournament. I think that my next project after this one will be something involving the League of Assassins.

Oh and in other news: I recently heard that another venue in town will be running bi-weekly Vs. events soon. When I find of the time and date that they'll be starting those I'll be sure to post them up for everyone to see.

Until then...happy gaming!


Roy said...

Sweet! where is the other venue?

Obsidian3D said...

Legends I think. Jason said that he was asked to run it on Monday nights from what little I know about it.