September 05, 2008

Finally a new deck idea...

I had been having a lot of trouble coming up with something new after building my not-yet-complete Green Lantern deck. I tried putting together a build of Manhunters, but it seemed to fall a little flat. They just don't have the support cards that Sentinels seem to enjoy. I have been able to get it to run well a few times, but I need a lot more than my 6 copies of Manhunter Soldier to make it run better. I do rather enjoy dropping Cyborg Superman on turn 5 though. I was able to do that against a Negative Zone deck and remove ALL the copies of Negative Zone from my opponent's deck, which made me laugh in a most sinister fashion.

For our switch-deck event last weekend I didn't have time to build something new, so I grabbed something at random out of my rather large demo deck pile. I ended up with Revenge Squad. It didn't do very well against a lot of the others, but I was told that if you could hit the curve it was actually fun to play so I took a closer look at it for myself.

While I'm sure this isn't anything original I decided to beef it up with some more fire power and ongoing plot twists in an attempt to make it more playable. Here's what I have come up with on a first past.

2x DSM-082 Prankster (1)
4x DSM-076 Mercy (2)
2x DSM-091 Atomic Skull (2)
3x DSM-084 Silver Banshee (3)
3x DWF-159 Alexandra Allston <> Parasite (3)
1x DSM-074 Lex Luthor, President Luthor (3)
4x DSM-077 Metallo (4)
4x DWF-171 Livewire (4)
3x DSM-079 Mongul (5)
2x DWF-173 Maxima (5)
2x DWF-178 Preus (5)
4x DSM-073 Lex Luthor, Power Armor (6)
2x DSM-067 Eradicator (6)
1x DSM-083 Satanus (6)
4x DSM-069 Gog (7)
1x DSM-065 Doomsday (8)
Characters = 42

4x DWF-213 Skreeeeeee!
3x DWF-195 Knowledge is Power
3x DWF-196 Never-Ending Battle
2x DWF-194 Imprisoned in the Source
2x DGL-193 In Evil Star's Evil Clutches
2x DWF-189 Executive Privelege
2x DSM-083 State of the Union
1x DSM-095 Toy Soldiers
1x DWF-186 Battle For Metropolis
1x MUN-329 Underground Movement
Ongoing Plot Twists = 21

2x DCL-257 Duty Calls
2x MUN-307 Grudge Match
Regular Plot Twists = 4

This is by no means a final list, but it's a starting place to build on. The premise is simple, but tough to pull off. This deck wants even initiative. Essentially I want to get Underground Movement (which I'd love to have 4 copies of) out by turn 3, then recruit Silver Banshee and move her into my hidden area. Then you want to get Lex Luthor, Power Armor out on turn 6.

Hopefully you have some plot twists in your resource row or a copy of Grudge Match to ensure that he can do some breakthrough. If you succeed there and can remove your opponent's ability to recruit their 7-drop you're in good shape to win the game. If you think it will go to turn 8 then you can move Lex into the hidden area to protect him and hopefully get his effect off again on turn 7. Doomsday should finish things on turn 8.

The deck isn't meant to be a smash-your-opponent-and-make-them-cry sort of thing. It's more of a fun deck with the villains doing nasty things to them, but without being too dirty or janky. I don't really like decks that aren't fun for my opponent to play against. When you are completely locked out of everything it's more frustrating than anything else. Feel free to post up some suggestions to make my deck better though!

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