September 16, 2008

City Champion Crowned!

Another fine tournament event has come and gone. Last Friday we held our City Championship event. We had an 8-player pool with a diverse field as usual. I played my Fearsome Five / Infinity Gauntlet deck through four rounds. In the first round I was up against a Thunderbolts deck piloted by newcomer Dan. I was able to hit every drop as planned and draw into a fistful of gems. By turn six I had Thanos on the board against his 5 and 6 cost characters. Dropping a Power Gem and a copy of Armageddon on the table ended the turn, and the game, in my favor.

Round two saw me up against an Insanity deck. Ben hit his one-drop Ratcatcher and caused me a few rounds of grief by burning me for all the stuns I was causing. By turn four I was able to get my team-up out and the New Baxter Builder and Moondragon combo running. I had to go to turn seven this time, but Thanos, a Power Gem and a copy of Armageddon cemented the win.

Round three is where it started to go downhill for me. The first few turns against Scott's rallying Avengers were pretty evenly matched, but I was unable to get my team up going, or search for my 4 or 5 round characters. I was able to bring out Thanos for turn six and very nearly put the game away, but just couldn't pull it off. When I drew my cards for turn seven and had no characters to recruit...I knew it wasn't my game. Thanos was staring at a full board of Avengers 4-cost up. I had to admit defeat.

Usually we only play three rounds, but all the players agreed to run one final round, and the clock agreed that we had time. The final round put me up against Brian's Revenge Squad deck. He had an Anti-Matter Kiman in there and was able to get a ton of out of combat stuns. Add that into the fact that I suffered an awful draw all game (I only hit on turn three and four), and was never able to search for a needed character...I was done.

When the dust cleared after four rounds of play we had one undefeated player among the group: Scott Mooney! He walked away with a pile of Ultimates rare cards and the Iron Man t-shirt. Congratulations Scott.

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