September 27, 2008

"Luck of the Draw" results

We had an amazing turn-out for this weekend's tournament; 11 players total. That is really sweet as far as I'm concerned...since the only time we've ever broken that number was for our DC Legends release celebration back in December!

Since I put a 30 minute time limit into place a little while back we've be able to play tournaments with four rounds rather than our previous three. I think this is more fun and certainly gives the players a chance to see more of the decks the other bring in.

For some reason the first match of my four has totally evaporated from my memory, beyond the fact that my search-less Darkseid's Elite won out in turn six. The second and third matches were up against Heralds of Galactus and Avengers respectively. The Heralds player was new to the game and had a terrible draw. Overall I'd say that he only pulled four or five plot twists through the entire 8 rounds we played; and the Avengers just didn't have the oomph to survive all the burn effects I was able to get set up with.

The final round for me went far, far worse. Statistically speaking I suppose it had to happen eventually, which it finally did in spectacular fashion. I was unable to draw any of my locations or ongoing plot-twists, barring two copies of Ancient Evils and an early Have a Blast. Roy's deck was a Secret Society deck running Dr. Polaris, Dr. Sivana, Cheetah, Poison Ivy, Charaxes, Black Mantis etc. The true "you're f-ing kidding me" combo was Messiah Complex retrieving Death and/or The Beyonder three times in the game...essentially making me fight against an opponent with an endurance total of 80! By the time you add in the free recruits from Poison Ivy and Charaxes it was pretty ridiculous. I lost on turn 7 with Roy sitting at a hefty 30.

Roy was our big winner, taking home the top prize of Ultimates Thor and a spiffy play mat. Congratulations! Brian and Scott rounded out our top-three.

The next event format will be Clone Saga: For this you may choose one character to make non-unique in your deck. Multiple copies of the same card cannot be recruited, but different versions and / or costs of that character can. For example: If I already have a copy of 2-drop Captain America, Secret Avenger in play, I can't recruit another one. I could however recruit any other Captain America card. It should prove to be a lot of fun.


UnstableMolecule said...

Hey Charles - any hope of banning Professor Hugo Strange for this week only? He single-handedly destroys the format, unfortunately...

-- Scott.

Obsidian3D said...

Hm...maybe we'll just say that his text box is blank except for his boost. On the first few turns though I don't think he's going to be a big threat. We'll have to see. Good catch though!