November 22, 2008

Another huge tourney, and I had to miss it. :(

But at least it was for a good cause, and a good time. I recently started working with a new company and we had a team of team-building night out. Dinner, drinks, the new Bond flick, and more drinks. All on the company dime...oh yeah!

Roy sent me a brief tournament report (thank you!), and I was surprised, but happy with the results. It sounds like our numbers continue to grow. We had another 13 player night. THIRTEEN! And that's not counting another regular plus myself who were unable to go. I know I've gone on about how much I love the people in our hobby league group, but that's still just awesome. Granted the lingering effects of the beer I drank may be increasing my euphoria a little bit, but that's still pretty damned impressive.

So here's my report, based on what I heard about (any sensationalism is entirely my doing, blame the beer):

The final match after three rounds of preliminaries was Roy's Hidden Injustice Gang deck (I've played this thing and it's REALLY nasty) vs Will's X-babes deck. Will doesn't often play in the tournaments, but frequently stops in the store to chat and trade while we do. I'm really glad that he decided to enter his deck in, and win a tournament for the first time in the bargain! I've been beaten many-a-time by that X-Babes deck (see an earlier post I made this month), and I can't think of a finer match up to take Roy's IG stuff down.

Both players hit their curves until turn 6 which was called last turn due to time. With Will sitting at 6 endurance and Roy with only 2, Will won a mitt full of MUL cards and a couple packs. Fun was had by all!

1. Will Eisnor, GA X-Girls, 4/0
2. Roy Madill, MA Hidden Injustice Gang, 3/1
3. Matt Swend, GA Spider-clones, 3/1
4. Scott Mooney, GA Skrulls/Inhuman, 3/1
5. Jon Nash, GA Hellboy buff, 2/2
6. Daniel Lapointe, GA Thunderbolts, 2/2
7. Jordan Lapointe, GA Shield/GL, 2/2
8. Bryan Hons, GA X-men Assembled, 2/2
9. Benjamin Burndorfer, MA Warbound, 2/2
10. Harry Osborne, GA Darkseid's Elite, 2/2
11. Braden Lucas, GA X-men, 1/3
12. Vern Townsend, GA New Gods, 1/3
13. Colin Smith, GA JLA, 1/3

I'm glad everyone had a good time. Our next will be sealed with Marvel Evolutions! I can't hardly wait. But, please bring a deck just in case Pascal's shipment is late or anything.

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