November 03, 2008

I Love This Game

Over the past week I've built three brand new decks, including one for the upcoming BYOTT event this Friday. Thanks to convenient scheduling, I've actually been able to play test all three of them against several of Scott's formidable decks. All in all I'm really happy with them, and am actually trying to figure out what to build next. Of course I could always refine something that I've already built, but shiny-and-new seems to be winning out over tried-and-true with me right now.

Two of the three decks I'll share, but the other I'll keep under wraps until Friday arrives. The first deck that I built was a team I haven't played with since the release of DOR; League of Assassins. When DC Legends came out I was really excited to play with all the great cards in it, but looking back I really haven't built any decks centered on that set. I suppose one of the reasons would be that I wanted to build a JLA deck using my favorite characters (Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, etc). Of course since most of those characters also happened to be rares it was made rather difficult. But anyway, back to my LoA deck.

The basic idea of my curve was to get Ra's al Ghul out on turn 4 to lock down my opponent from playing any locations and then beat them to death with Cassie Cain, Shrike and Nyssa Raatko. If it comes down to it I have Ra's again on turn 8. I've found the Mountain Stronghold to be a truly superb card, being both a search I can play on turn 1, and a way of giving my Ra's reinforcement.

Ra's is Gonna Get Ya (66 cards)

2x DOR-100 Josef Witschi (1)
4x DOR-108 Thuggee (1)
3x DCR-138 Talia (2)
3x DCL-214 Shadow Assassin (2)
4x DOR-109 Ubu (3)
3x DBM-015 Kyle Abbot (3)
4x DOR-104 Ra's al Ghul, Immortal Villain (4)
4x DBM-018 Ra's al Ghul, Eternal Nemesis (4)
2x DBM-016 Lady Shiva (5)
3x DCL-204 Cassandra Cain (5)
4x DCL-215 Shrike (6)
1x DCL-205 David Cain (6)
4x DCL-211 Nyssa Raatko (7)
1x DOR-106 Ra's al Ghul, The Demon's Head (8)
Total = 42

2x DBM-024 Ubu Encampment
4x DOR-115 Mountain Stronghold
4x DBM-023 Flying Fortress
1x DCL-222 Plague Zone
1x DCL-220 Lazarus Pit
1x DCL-218 The Demon's Quarters
Total = 13

Plot Twists:
4x DOR-118 Tower of Babel
4x DBM-027 Swing Line
1x DOR-116 Remake the World
1x DCL-223 The Demon's Head
1x DCL-226 Harsh Judgement
Total = 11

As you can see, it's a little character heavy. I'm pretty sure I can remove the Josephs and maybe one of each of the 4-drop Ra's cards. I could probably trim two of the Kyle Abbott cards off too, but that decreases my chances of hitting three by quite a bit. Since the LoA seem to be fairly light on range, it might also be a good idea to pull out two of the Flying Fortresses and put some range-giving equipment into the deck.

I'll post up my SHIELD deck tomorrow.

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