November 27, 2008

Hunter + Deadpool = Dead

I just played my first couple games with MEV, against a Weapon X deck built with a focus on the new Shift and Hunter keywords. Now me, I'm not a crazy combo-creating type of player. None of my decks are overly tricky, but rather tend to rely simply on smashing my opponent into a bloody mess in new and interesting ways. Well, I have seen the future tonight, and his name is Deadpool.So here's the situation. It's the start of turn 5 and your opponent has a 2-drop Deadpool on the board. After drawing and playing a resource he plays a copy of Trouble with Clones (5-cost: To play, KO a Deadpool you control. Gain resource points equal to that character's cost. Spend these points only to recruit characters named Deadpool.) from his hand. Searching his deck he comes up with a Deadpool, Party Pooper. You think it's ugly now...just you wait.

So now he's sitting there with a 7-drop staring you down on turn 5. Waking you from your shocked stupor he declares your smallest front row character as being Hunted. As combat begins you feel yourself start to sweat, and maybe even pee yourself a little. Deadpool swings into the declared huntee, stuns them....and readies. Now you begin to breathe a little easier, as your hunted character has been stunned. You're going to get smacked down a little bit more, but being turn 5 you might still be able to pull something out of the fire.

Your opponent grins sadly at you, his poor, hapless, soon-to-be-brutalized opponent. Looking into his hand he shrugs, then flips up a copy of Weapon Plus Satellite up from his resource row. If you didn't pee yourself before, you do at this very moment. This 7-drop Deadpool swings not once, not twice, but three times...on turn FIVE.

Now if your opponent has been extremely lucky and has another copy or three of Weapon Plus Satellite sitting in his resource row, think about that. Worst case scenario he is hitting you six times. Let's do the math: 6 x 17 = 102 damage with NO pumps. Granted, that is absolutely worst case scenario...but it is still amazing. It makes me smile at the prospect of playing it, and cry at the friends I lose by playing it against them. If there ever were a case for more rigorous testing I'd say this is it. A simple addition of, "Use this power only once per turn." would have made it far less broken. And yes, I truly think this is broken.

And for the record, I didn't come up with this combination. It was my opponent's deck. I merely pointed out that he could do the whole thing more than once, using multiple copies of Weapon Plus in his resource row. Because really...when you're doing that much damage who really cares about KO-ing a resource? It's not like you're going to need it on turn six. Who am I kidding...what turn six?! Happy gaming! :D


Donnieman said...

I think the combo is good, very good but not broken in the least. The deck is very vulnerable. It's vulnerable to rush, the excellence that is Omnipotence, the immaculate Radioactive Man, as well as any others decks or cards that can disrupt or dismember combo decks.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding report.

I actually like the fact that Deadpool finally has a dangerously powerful version. It seems many of the most popular characters do!

Rogue for the win.

Obsidian3D said...

I think my biggest complaint about this combo is the simplicity. Two rares and an uncommon. That's it. Plus the fact that it jumps the curve by TWO resource point is amazing. I'm sure after I play some games using Evolution my opinion of 'broken' will downgrade to 'powerful but survivable'. For now though I stick to my opinion.

And thanks for the comments guys.