November 22, 2008

Heroclix no more...not likely

There are a lot of comic book fans out there addicted to 'plasti-crack', also know as Heroclix. I got into clix about a year and a half ago. After asking around in the city and online I had found, much to my disappointment, that no one was playing VS here. My love of comic books being what it was, I decided to look into Heroclix to get my comic-gaming fix.

Recent announcements by Topps have stated that they are ceasing production of the Heroclix product line and looking for someone to take it over. Of course, gamers being what they are, gloom and doom talk exploded throughout the interwebs...with conspiracy theories, economic debates and ideas for saving the game flying around all over the place.

What does this have to do with VS? Well, I'm not really sure. It might positively grow our player base, if clix really does stop going. Some people might be willing to make the switch simply to fill that comic-related gaming addiction. Others might simply walk away from gaming altogether, and the rest might just keep playing with the figures they have. I know I will be, regardless of what happens to future production.

As to that, I seriously don't see the Heroclix license not getting picked up by another manufacturer. The biggest hurdle overall will be what Topps (they own WizKids these days) is asking for it and what it includes. There were rumors out that WizKids had recently renegotiated the DC character agreement which would make a big difference. If those are included in the deal and Topps brass aren't asking for too much, I'm sure we'll see clix again.

A lot of posts I've seen on various VS forums almost seem to be hoping that clix will die. Personally I hope that doesn't happen for two reasons. The first is a selfish one: I like the game. I'm not that great at it and do find it to be more complex than VS, but it's fun to play. Second, I think having more than one comic-related game on the market is good for everyone. To a point of course. Not everyone likes card games, and not everyone likes miniature strategy games. But we all love comics, which in the end, is what it's really all about.

I mean, what's not to love about me getting to smash someone's X-Men with Darkseid, Alpha Flight, Green Lanterns or Superman? Cards or miniatures, whatever characters are in play...superheroes and villains smashing each other silly is the way to go.

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