November 17, 2008

Super Awesome-tacular

I've been meaning to post for a few days, but with the realms being was I. Not enough to not play any cards, but it saddened me. I was able to fill my need for Vs talk via the boards on the Kamiza's site, and those over on TCGPlayer. For anyone interested in the game I heartily recommend both communities. I think there is a lot of overlap, but that's actually a good thing in my mind. It goes to show how tight-knit our players are on a global-level. It's an amazing thing to see something like that come out of a shared love for a simple game.

As for playing, things are still going really strong for me here. A week ago, I was able to organize an impromptu sealed tournament with five players, including myself. It was only the second time I've been able to play sealed, and I absolutely loved it! We had two players (including myself) playing with packs from Marvel Team-Up, one player with Marvel Knights, one with Infinite Crisis, and another playing World's Finest.

As we had an odd number of players and a limited time-frame, most of us were only able to get two rounds of play in. I went 1-1 with my Spider-Friends / Marvel Defenders one loss coming from an Underworld / Defenders team up. Jason pulled the extra-sweet combo of Samantha Parrington (foil no less) and the 7-drop Hulk. I might have been able to survive long enough to squeak out a win, but I made an unfortunate (ie: STUPID) formation mistake that let him smack me around.

Will's deck was a little shaky, but he was playing with DC cards for the first time, and was able to make all of his games go VERY close...against poor draws and scary match-ups. I think Roy was the only player to go 2-0, playing a strong Marvel Knights deck. I may be wrong in that though, as Jordan's Team Superman deck looked like it had some insanely good pumps in it. Playing and trying to see what was going on in the other games is obviously not my strong suit, so if I've made a mistake please correct me or...try not to throw too many vegetables my way.

Besides the sealed play, I was able to get a few games in on Thursday as well. Luck wasn't with me that night, as I only recall winning 1 of my 4 games. It was good fun nonetheless, and Scott was able to fill a few slots from my trade list with older rares. They were, as always, much appreciated.

Topping things all off was Saturday evening. Trilogy Gaming Club has moved to a new location, so I had to swing by to check it out. It looks awesome. There is probably three times the gaming space of the old store, and Pascal has put up not one but two HUGE displays for VS. One is a Batman standee directly across from the main door, standing on the top wall, slightly in shadows (as Batman should rightly be). The other is a Superman poster on the far wall. It's really great that he's done that, as I certainly didn't ask for the support. The more visibility we have in-store the better. I can only help us bring in more players!

Will and Sebastien were also hanging out at the shop, and we decided to make an evening of it; grabbing some pizza and beer and heading over to flip some more cards. I played several games against Will's X-Babes deck (piloted to near perfection by Sebastien)...winning only one. He was able to get 3 copies of X-Men Assembled out on one game, and all FOUR in the next. It was absolutely crushing to see a 14/15 (or something) 2-drop staring at me on turn 7. I just couldn't get rid of them.

Lastly, I have to give huge thanks to Will for spending a large portion of his evening sorting through his extra cards and dropping almost a DOZEN cards from my want-list on the table to me to take home. If there's one thing about our Vs community here that I would be inclined to brag about, it would be the generosity of our players. Everyone is always willing to step up and help each other out with trades, lending cards for testing, strategy and just plain being a great bunch to play with. You guys are great.

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