April 17, 2009

Alter Ego Format

Back when Marvel Team-Up was released, UDE also provided what they called "Alter Ego" cards. These cards had a starting endurance total that sometimes varied from the standard 50, and granted some kind of bonus to you, or a restriction on your opponent. While there was talk of a similar set to be provided for World's Finest, they never appeared.

Shortly after UDE announced that they would no longer be supporting the VS System, the text for the proposed DC Alter Ego cards was released by the R&D team via the forums, and later created as actual card images by members of the online community.

These alter ego cards offer another awesome twist to playing VS. I have posted them under the Game Resources section for reference. They will be available in printed format from me to use in Alter Ego format events.

Note: Alter Ego cards may only be used in a match or tournament if both players agree to use one (they may both pick the same Alter Ego). Players must use the same Alter Ego for the duration of a tournament.

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