April 04, 2009

Another great tourney

Friday night was another prime example of what a good gaming group can bring to an event in terms of fun and companionship. Last night we had a fantastic turn-out with 10 people coming to play in our Bring-Your-Own-Set event. If I remember correctly we had MOR (Wild Sentinels), DOR (Arkham Inmates), DGL (Green Lantern), DCR (J.S.A.), DCL (Teen Titans reservist), DLS x2 (Future Foes discard and FF army), MHG (Heralds), DWF (Outsiders) and MMK (Crime Lords) represented. That's a LOT of different sets, and a lot more DC-heavy than I'd expected!

Back in January I attempted to created a Future Foes deck using the Fatal Five, who are favorites of mine after learning about them from the recent Legion of Superheroes comic series and cartoon. That deck got played a grand total of twice, because it was absolutely awful! On top of that, without Atomic Axe from DCX for this format, that theme is completely non-viable. I didn't let that deter me from trying something new and different though, so I decided to build a new deck taking advantage of the discard mechanic.

Legion of Super-Villains

2x DLS-061 Ra's al Ghul <> Leland McCauley (1)
4x DLS-062 Saturn Queen (2)
2x DLS-065 Tarik the Mute (2)
4x DLS-050 Cosmic King (3)
2x DLS-069 Time Trapper (3)
4x DLS-056 Lightning Lord 4)
2x DLS-055 Glorith (4)
4x DLS-048 Computo (5)
4x DLS-059 Ol-Vir (6)
2x DLS-070 Universo (7)

2x DLS-081 Khundian Warship

Plot Twists:
4x DLS-074 Chain Lightning
4x DLS-078 Fatal Five Hundred
4x DLS-176 Contact!
4x DLS-072 Altered History
3x DLS-084 Return of the Demon's Head
3x DLS-083 Mutual Enemies
3x DLS-087 The Sun-Eater
3x DLS-080 For Khundia!
2x DLS-086 Tempus Fugit
2x DLS-181 Furious Assault
2x DLS-076 Dominated

Total cards = 66

For some reason I seem to build decks that are almost always 66 cards in size. I don't know why I can't get the counts down to an even 60, but in this case I don't mind. I think I mentioned the same thing with my Purifiers deck. Maybe it's just that villain decks need to have that number in them...I don't know. But I digress...back to the matter at hand!

My first match-up was against Roy and it was pretty much a disaster for me from the start. I mulliganed my first four cards and wasn't able to draw a playable character until turn 5, and it was an under-dropped Cosmic King and Saturn Queen. Miss Martian exhausted my Cosmic King, who was then stunned and bounced by Rose Wilson. Having already taken a solid beating to that point, and facing down a full board with my hidden two drop I decided to concede defeat to those pesky kids.

Round two put me up against Vern's Crime Lords/Marvel Knights deck. This game was very close back and forth every round. It came down to time being called with him under 10 endurance in round 7. I had made a few mistakes and he was able to give everyone reinforcement to keep it close, but I ended up with a close win on that one.

Game three was against Jordan's JSA deck. I think he opted for odds but I don't remember for certain. He was able to recruit Stargirl and equip her with all of the fate artifacts by turn three. He underdropped on turn 4 and forgot that Thunderbolt was a reservist, which lead to him also underdropping a Jakeem and 5-drop Hourman on turn 6. I hit my curve or was able to search for all of my characters throughout the game. By the end of turn 5 he was down to no cards and I was able to flip over a Sun-Eater to lock him up and finish it off.

My final game was against Scott's Sentinels. He didn't see any success with Longshot until turn 4, but with Xavier's School making him able to do it twice things were looking dicey. I could tell that my deck was solid in this game, because Scott was showing a little frustration at all my discard effects and he usually doesn't let on (sorry dude!). I think this one went to six and was close all the way, but in the end I was able to finish it up with some hefty breakthrough.

I would have like to see all of the other decks being played, but with 10-players, answering rules questions and playing my own games it just wasn't possible. I hope every one had as much fun as I did...it wouldn't be fun without all of you showing up to play. Please post up your deck lists or comments or whatever else you want to share!


dark121 said...

just a thought. depending on who could confirm that they're coming maybe we could pool our resources to try and buy a a box of a GOOD set, off of ebay or something. maybe not for this draft maybe possibly another on in the future?

Obsidian3D said...

That's not a bad suggestion, but it'll be interesting to see if you can get people to all agree on what a GOOD set is. I think they all have their pros and cons. I mentioned it to Pascal so I'm pretty sure we'll have a good amount of choice for next time.

Roy said...

DCL Teen Titans Deck list...

2x Bumblebee,Sonic Sting
2x Pantha, Subject x-24
2x Dawn Granger, Dove
3x Argent
3x Holly Granger, Hawk
4x Vic Stone, Cyborg
1x Red Star, Russian Roulette
1x Roy Harper, Arsenal
4x Rose Wilson, Ravager
2x Tim Drake, Robin
3x Raven
2x Miss Martian
4x Beast Boy, Freak of Nature
2x Koriand'r, Starfire

4x Solar Tower
4x Titans Tower

4x More than Just Sidekicks
4x Call of the Wild
4x Teen Titans Go!
3x Death Trap
3x Prodigies

Really fun deck to play... the solar tower is the best part. But my favorite part of the night was pulling my first Mobilize from my prize packs!!! Yahoo!!!

Can't wait for the draft... I only hope that we have enough of one set because mixing sets is really not good in draft.

dark121 said...

Well by good i ment a "rare" ish set that everyone could agree on, i'm pretty sure no one would argue if it was marvel legends lol.

p.s this is Vern, incase anyone forgot...

Scott said...

Hmm, let's see if I can do this by memory:

4 x Longshot, Rebel Freedom Fighter (card draw)
4 x Xavier's School (for Longshot)
4 x Underground Sentinel Base (free characters!)
4 x Reconstruction Program (power-ups or card draw)
4 x Combat Protocols (pump)
4 x Cover Fire (defensive wall)
20 x Wild Sentinel (enables IV's huge attack)
16 x Sentinel Mark IV (your beatstick - put one in play on turn 4 and two in play each turn thereafter using USB)

The idea is to get Lonshot on the board by turn three and use his ability (twice if you have the school) to fill up your hand with the two Sentinel types. With Reconstruction Program, you should have a power-up engine that lets you power-up a character about six times for each copy of RP you have (discard three versions of the character as power-ups, RP them back to your hand, power up three times again). I recommend you use this defensively - they'll never see it coming if they attack your 1/1 character expecting to cause you huge breakthrough, only to have you pump your attack/defense so much that their big character is stunned and your 1 cost is not. Cover Fire is also broken in this deck (save one for Longshot, since he's the lone non-Sentinel character). On turn five, have one Sentinel Mark IV face down in your resource row, flip Underground, and let the beatdown commence. You'll be at only four resources for the rest of the game, but it's worth it to have a free character with huge attack come in to play each turn.

It's super-fun to play, and when it fires, it's vicious. Unfortunatley it's not that consistent - you have less than a 25% chance of seeing Longshot before turn 4 and no way to search for him. Without him, your power-up engine is dead, and the odds of seeing USB go way down. Accordingly, your mulligan conditions are either Longshot or Underground Sentinel Base.

I lost two out of four games on Friday because I didn't see either card all game - hence the whining. ;-)

Poker face re-established.

Obsidian3D said...

I wish that any of us could find Marvel Legends to buy, let alone draft with...

Jon said...


if we all piched in...

Scott said...

If we could get 10 - 12 people, I'd be in for that. I loves me some Marvel Legends goodness. I doubt they'd be delivered in time for our tournament, but that wouldn't stop me from ordering.

Jon said...

I found a MoonStar Scott... I will bring it to the next tourney for sure.

Obsidian3D said...

Yikes, say $1100 USD with shipping on the high side...it would end up being about $112 ~ $120 per box. It's doable, but we'll have to see who's really into doing it. I'd be happy to order it, but would need some of the money before I did so.

Jon said...

If we could get everyone in I think it would be worth it beause almost every one would get a playset of cards (excluding most rares I would think.