March 18, 2013

DreadBall League: The Finals are Set!

Well we've finally completed all five rounds of our regular season Dreadball play and I have to say that it's been pretty interesting. It's also been a lot of fun! I've collected in all the game results from the players and I have to say that the top four is not at all what I'd expected it to be. I had done some private forecasting based on the early rounds, factoring in the performance and death tolls, and man was I ever wrong about who came out on top!

Anyway, here are the standings at the close of regular play.

Team Value Win Pct Points Wins Losses Played
Avion Yellowhawks 134 80% 10 4 1 5
Funky Fathers 129 60% 6 3 2 5
Royal Eternian Rams 146 57% 12 4 3 7
Seb's Veer-myn 122 57% 10 4 3 7
Da Bombers 148 40% 5 2 3 5
Snake Mountain Smashers 145 14% 7 1 6 7

As you can see, two of the top three valued teams ended up at the bottom of the pile when it came to win/loss records. Having watched (or played in) several of those games, playing against the heavy-hitting Orx or Forge Fathers was often a punishing affair, win or lose.

The last game of Round 5 to take place was the match between the Royal Eternian Rams and Da Bombers. It was a hard-hitting, extremely fast moving game. Odd really when you consider the two teams involved. The Orx guards were definitely caught by surprise when the Rams players hit back and hit back hard on almost every slam attempt. At one point early in the game all three Orx guards were languishing in the sin bin!

Although the Rams did lose their prize striker "Bounder", known for his highly acrobatic style of play, the loss of a full half of their striker complement didn't stop them from bringing a rapid end to the game with a 7 point landslide victory in the 7th rush. Victory was bittersweet as the gate revenues (a measly 3mc) proved insufficient to allow for Bounder's resuscitation. He'll be replaced by a fresh new player in the championship match.

Both the Funky Fathers and Da Bombers were sitting at 50% win percentages going into the fifth round. Da Bombers were easily favoured against the Rams, so the loss was a bit of a stunner. With the Fathers winning their match earlier in the week, the deadlock is now broken and the final standings receive quite the shuffle.

And now it's time to play off for the FIRST EVER "Trilogy Cup"!

The 3rd/4th place match-up is:

Seb's Veer-Myn (24mc bonus) vs. Royal Eternian Rams

The 1st/2nd place match-up is:

Funky Fathers (5mc bonus) vs. Avion Yellowhawks

We'll also hold a special "smash 'em up" to showcase the Orx teams in a green-on-green slug-fest:

Snake Mountain Smashers (3mc bonus) vs. Da Bombers

No MVPs will be available for the championship games, but free agents will be permitted by the league, paid for using any underdog cash (which may be supplemented by team cash if available).

The games will be played on Sunday March 24th at Trilogy Gaming Club. Ball launch is at 1pm. Regardless of the outcomes all coaches who have participated in the league will take home a prize in store credit...of course the winners will get better prizes for being more brutal. Er...I mean playing the better game.

For added fun, the coach of the Yellowhawks and the Rams will be coaching games against both opponents simultaneously. It should be fun, or al least highly amusing to watch! I'm pretty sure I'll have a minor heart attack trying to keep track of everything all at once.

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Obsidian3D said...

Looking back at this a few days after I posted, I just realized that if we HAD gone with league points as the primary deciding two teams would have had to play for 1st and 2nd place.

I'm happy with the win percentage as the first selection parameter. However, the next league we do, I think I'll do away with the challenge part of the pairings and set up a full schedule, where each team will simply play against each other team. The underdog bonuses and MVP auctions will still be usable but it should make the rounds a lot easier to manage.