March 04, 2013

Stargate in 28mm: Chevron One Encoded

I was really pleased with my first use of the Plate Mail Army Painter primer spray when I used it on my Forge Fathers team, the Royal Eternian Rams, for DreadBall. I ordered it knowing that it would also be a great time saver for the first batch of stuff I had in mind for my Stargate project.  I am very happy at how well it covers and how smooth it looks after application. I don't have a lot of use for coloured primer due to playing mainly skirmish games, but it is very good primer and I'll likely be switching to it even for black, white and grey.

Shortly after I received the official Stargate figures I cleaned up and based all the Jaffa figures and prepped one of the two gates I bought. There are three 8-man squads of Jaffa, two heavy cannons with operators, and a First-Prime to ensure their loyalty and obedience.

I'm still uncertain of the best way to construct and base the cannons, as they're two part models. I would like them to be separate from their operator models, which might require using a non-round base. I'll have to do some experimenting to see how that works out. Of course if you have any suggestions please post a comment and let me know about it!

As you can see above I've primed all of my Jaffa troopers using the plate mail primer. There isn't a lot of paint work left to do here. I'll add some gold and metallic-blue highlighting to their armour, some glowing eye effects to the hawk and serpent guards, a little detailing on the staff weapons, and then probably use some Army Painter Quickshade or the equivalent inks to finish them off. And of course I'll need to decide what kind of theme to use for all of their bases. Desert sand doesn't seem too far off the mark though...

So what about a Go'auld System Lord, er I mean a god, for them to worship? I'm going to use a Wargods of Aegyptus figure that was very kindly sent to me at no charge by Phil from the Lead Adventures forums. So thanks again for the nice gesture Phil, I truly appreciate your generosity! It didn't make sense to prime my system lord in silver, so I left him primed black, exactly as I received him. I'm trying to determine exactly what to call him and what kind of back story he should have. Please feel free to offer up any ideas or suggestions you have to me here! Once I get the warriors painted I'll probably know what colours to use for this guy.

Obviously priming the gate and dial-home device in silver was a simple choice. This gate will be painted with red lights to match the style of the gate from the SG-1 TV series. Both the gate and DHD will start off with a black wash to darken them. It shouldn't take much work to get this thing done up quite nicely.

Finally we need some heroes to fight off this intergalactic menace. Both sets of SG-1 and SG-9's models are still in their unopened packages. I'm undecided on whether to use olive drab or black for the uniforms when I do put them together. Whatever I decide, I'm pretty excited for this project to be underway!

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