March 27, 2013

Get Thee Some Shakespeare...With Zombies!

I've been a season ticket holder to Vertigo Mystery Theatre for several years now. Ironically, I found out about the theatre by attending a musical, and I generally hate musicals. However, that particular show was Evil Dead: The Musical, and can anyone hate a musical that has a number in it called "What the Fuck Was That?" You simply can't, that's how.

Each season there are five different shows put on. Last week I attended a performance of this season's fourth play The Ends of the Earth. I was rather disappointed with the play itself, finding the story to be rather pointless, the end twist to be lacking in surprise and the script to be middling at best. I'm simply not a fan of a play that has more monologue than dialogue. To be fair though, this is probably the first time in years I've been truly disappointed by a show at Vertigo.

However, while at the theatre I saw some posters for a show running the following week entitled William Shakespeare's Land of the Dead in the adjoining Playhouse Theatre. Now to be quite honest, my first thought was "shit, MORE zombie stuff?" I mean, I love zombies in my games and comics, but in a play, with Shakespeare?! How desperate are people to grab onto this current craze anyway?

On the other hand though, it beat sparkly emo vampire shit anytime.

We got tickets for the Tuesday showing, of a play that opens on Wednesday (I'll let you figure out the temporal physics on that one). It was a packed house with a great set, fun costumes and some really ingenious special effects. The actors were really into their roles and played them well. I can imagine that this is probably the role of a lifetime in terms of fun for a lot of them!

If you want to get tickets to the show before they're all sold out, you'd best do it soon.

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LOL that Poster looks awesome!