March 01, 2013

Strange Aeons Game Night!

Well, well well...I actually got to play a few games yesterday. Uncle Mike and James dropped by Trilogy for a bit. I ran lurkers for both of my games. One against Sebastien who had a three-agent Threshold list pitted against a high priest. One of the agents is now suffering from poor health, which could prove devastating in future games.

James' 24-point group of agents found themselves up against heavily armed and well trained Nazi soldiers. Two of the agents took fire while trying to navigate the cliffs of the dig site. Their leader was set upon with machine fire shortly after and was unfortunately killed. Uncle Mike praised the Lurker efforts, "That list needed to die..."

Michael and Uncle Mike played a game as well. From the cursing at their table it sounds as though the zombie horde Mike's agents were up against were extremely hungry. Apparently a particularly powerful strain of serum was in play and succeeded in creating a Blasphemous construct AND two speedy walkers. I'm uncertain of the death toll in that one.

In my rush to make it to work on time in the morning, I had forgotten my Kulten lists, so I wasn't able to play any games of that. On the positive side, the guys will be back at the shop in two weeks so we'll be getting some more games in very shortly.


Simon Q said...

Sweet game summary's. How big are the tables your playing on?

Obsidian3D said...

Standard table size for Strange Aeons is 2'x3'.