September 02, 2015

August 2015 Progress Report

August was a really productive month. Between my other half away visiting family and me sleeping even less than my usual there was a lot accomplished.

Modeling / Painting

- I primed the remainder of the figures I'd built for Batman Miniature Game (18 in total)
- Finished painting the original hero miniatures for Guardians Chronicles
- Painted my first figures for Batman Miniature Game: uniformed cops (5 figures)
- Repainted two Heroclix: Barbara Gordon and Batman Beyond. There's a custom profile card created by me on the blog, but I didn't feature Barbara. Can you spot her in last month's posts?
- Completed my entire batch of Law Forces for Batman Miniature Game with four SWAT troopers and three officers (7 figures)
- Added a full set of extra walls/fences to my Garden of Morr set and got it all painted up.

Construction / Terrain

- I touched up a western wagon toy given me by a friend. It looks pretty good, but I'm not sure when it'll make an appearance on the blog.
- After finishing the Garden of Morr I remembered I had a "Deathknell Watch" kit hiding in a drawer somewhere. I put that together over a Sunday evening.
- Laid out the majority of my custom Arkham Asylum build, waiting on one more set of parts to complete

On Monday another package arrived from Mantic Games with more stuff from a few of their Kickstarter campaigns to sort through, and I've got some Eaglemoss Batmobile models to look over for scenery on my gaming table. After I do that I'll be settling in to decide on what my next hobby project will be!

Here are a few ideas I have in my considerable hobby-backlog (in no particular order):

- Stargate SG-1 team, Jaffa army, and stargate
- Destro, Baroness and Iron Grenadier troopers
- ONI Korps figures and painting for AT-43
- Green Hornet / Batman '66 crossover
- Arkham Asylum custom build
- paint more Batman Miniature Game figures
- Guild Ball team prep and paint
- GCPD headquarters custom build
- Dreadball Xtreme core game
- Terminator Geni-sys core game painting completion

Feel free to chime in with your vote on the next project you want to see me tackle!

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