September 15, 2015

Loads of New Kickstarter Arrivals

A bevy of new stuff has arrived at my door since the month started. In my excitement I didn't take much in the way of photos, but here's a quick recap.

Mantic Games sent a combined package with the final pieces from the Dreadball Xtreme Kickstarter campaign. It included the season 5 and 6 books, loads of new teams, a campaign set, a lovely mouse-mat style Dreadball original board and all the stuff for building new teams and playing multiplayer in Dreadball Xtreme. The amount of stuff I have for these two games is embarrassing, and a little sad, since I've not played Xtreme yet despite having it in my possession since last December.

That same package also included a few bits and bobs from the more recent Kings of War second edition campaign. No army sets yet, but some tokens and templates, the KS-exclusive Blaine and Ronaldino the Bard all showed up. Additionally I received both the hardcover and the gamer's edition of the rule books. I have an older starter set which isn't built, and plenty of figures from all of the Dwarf King's Hold series, which are built. I might put together a few rough movement trays and give the rules a look through with those while I wait.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to meet up with Uncle Mike and pick up my materials for Strange Aeons. I know that some folks are disappointed that us locals were able to do that, but trust me you'll be happy once things arrive. The new book looks tops, and the casting quality this time around is truly quality stuff.

If I were to level one gripe it would be over the mini-books for the Threshold and Lurkers. The page orientation doesn't really make sense and is an oversight that will make a lovely accessory a little more difficult to use than I'd like. Basically when you flip the pages, the upper page is upside down, which means you'll be turning this book around a lot.

Finally comes Rise of the Kage, from the same folks that make Bushido. This is happily a single shipment and the contents are really well done. The expansion box is far larger than it needs to be, but it'll provide lots of room to store all the figures that came with the package. Said figures are quite variable in how much bending and warping they display, but I'm positive they'll shape up with a dip in some warm water.

I also purchased the Bushido card pack to allow me to play with several of these figures in that game, and am greatly looking forward to putting together a game of ninja versus pirates!

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