September 18, 2015

Original Alpha Flight Complete w/ Vindicator!

It surprised me when I looked back at the dates of my earliest Alpha Flight conversion posts. This has taken me nearly two years to complete, but with the addition of Vindicator I'm finally finished.

Truthfully this figure has actually been fully painted for the past three months. Like the Bones strumpet figure she was simply waiting for a large enough batch of figures to be completed for a round of basing to take place.

Like most Heroclix, the sculpt of the figure was relatively decent. Her hands and feet are a little too big but otherwise the pose is good, if covered with way too much paint. I stripped it off in some acetone, and shortly thereafter dropped the figure on the floor and busted off her head. A quick spot of glue made that problem easily forgotten

Unlike my previous Guardian repaint, I shaded the white part of her suit with a grey wash which enhances the shadows. It's quite obvious when they're next to each other, but separately they both look good. In fact, I think I actually prefer the unshaded Guardian in this particular project.

I still don't really like the 'wonder twins' version of Aurora and Northstar. Perhaps I'll find another old clix figure and see if I can't make that work this time. The early Aurora figure is way better too...

However, my Alpha Flight project is done. For now...

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