October 05, 2015

Early October Gaming Goodness

The past week and a half has been really good for some gaming! Rather than focus on each play individually I'll just rip through them all in brief.

During a quick trip to I had picked up a copy of a nifty little 1-2 player card game called Onirim. We both tried it a few times, ending up with the base game played as a 2-player affair. The game came with SEVEN expansions in the box, which we haven't tried any of yet. A lot of value in that little box though, and I am looking forward to trying a couple of variants soon.

I also had a chance to try out a nifty little dice game called Art of War. Ironically enough I had been looking at this game on the same evening I bought Onirim, and damned near bought it. I may still do, but we'll see. I'm not sure how much fun it will be with smaller groups, but it was great with 6 players!

Mid-week I got to play another 250 rep game of Batman Miniature Game. My opponent was gracious enough to let me try out my "Batman Beyond" character profile to give it a little more testing. I had a few changes in mind from previous runs, but this game really cemented them. I removed a special rule, changed another and added the full Fly and Hover rules text to my custom card. I'm basically calling him done at this point.

Additionally, I quite enjoy playing my basic cops lead by Commissioner Loeb at 250. Batwoman swaps out nicely for Batman Beyond in 'real' games and also complements the cops well. I have to get my Batgirl figure painted so that I can try some variants. Playing crews led by Gordon and Brandon will really help me get a good handle on the Law Forces. Adding in one or two Free Agents like Catwoman could prove interesting as well, but I can play lots of games with that group while I get my next batch of BMG figures painted up.

Sunday was a nice day for gaming as a friend dropped by to share some beer. We cranked through several games during the afternoon including:

  • Hemloch by Smallbox Games - I lost by ONE point. Great little card game with a deceptive amount of depth.
  • Project Pandora by Mantic Games - I won 2 games to 3. Not a bad game...need to paint it!
  • Last Night on Earth by Flying Frog Productions - Dynamite FTW! Die zombie spawn zones, die!
  • Dungeon Twister: Forces of Darkness - A bit more complex than the base game, but very thematic and quite a bit of fun. I lost this one handily.

Finally I want to chat about my newest acquisition in the plastic/metal/resin/whatever addiction space: Infinity N3. I picked up the core rule book w/ the exclusive bounty hunter miniature and the "Operation: Icestorm" starter box w/ CSU miniature.

I have long salivated over the lovely minis produced by Corvus Belli for their tabletop game Infinity. The purported complexity of the 2nd edition rules, and the miniatures, kept me away. Having garnered experience with more complicated metal miniature construction with the likes of BMG and Carnevale however, I felt like I was finally ready for the task. It will be a few weeks before I can get the figures onto the workbench for construction but I'm looking forward to it. A few feelers have been sent out amongst the community to see if I can find someone to help me learn the basics, but if not I can muddle through the Icestorm box on my own.

So much shiny stuff...I have no willpower.

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