October 19, 2015

Mid-October Recap - Go Vote Canada

I'm going to start this one with something I never thought I'd say...I've recently learned to play Pokemon. My oldest nephew had some cards with him when we all got together for family dinner over Thanksgiving. When I asked if he knew how to play he said "no." Thinking it a bit of a shame to have cards but not use them we downloaded the rules and gave it a go. I had to split the cards up into something resembling decks with almost no knowledge of the game, but we had a good time nonetheless.

On Friday Knight Models announced their new "Sons of Batman" program (yep, SOBs) for the Batman Miniatures Game. I've been working towards getting enough models and scenery together to start demoing the game around my area soon anyway, so the timing of this announcement was almost perfect. I just have to take a few photos of my painted crews and submit the paperwork, and hopefully will get accepted into the program.

Last weekend Lewis and I attended Fallcon 2015 to demo Star Trek: Attack Wing. During our four-hour demo time slot we ran 5 new players through games to generally favourable reviews. After almost two years of playing this one I hadn't realized just how much info there is packed into (what I thought was) a simple 100 point fleet. It was good to get the game on the table and send some folks away excited about playing.

While at the convention I picked up a copy of an old-but-new-again deck building game called Arctic Scavengers. I'm not sure who I'll get to play this with, or even when, but the artwork and subject of the game really seemed interesting. It's a theme I certainly don't have in my collection, and it's been a while since I added a deck-builder to my collection. I do hope it's worth the almost $70 it cost though (whew games are really getting expensive these days)!

I had to miss out on Ken's semi-regular evening of games that evening due to other commitments, but I hope to make the next one before the end of the year. They're always good fun and I wish I could attend them more frequently.

Finally, I finally got my first game of Pulp City: Supreme Edition on the table against a real, live opponent. We played a level 6 encounter and had a blast. In retrospect I was obviously having too much fun because I forgot to take any photos at all. We're already planning our next Pulp City battle, so I'll endeavour to get a few snaps of that game when it happens.

Oh yeah, today is election day in Canada. If there's still time when you read this, go vote! Make a positive change for your country by voicing your opinion. Everyone's vote counts!

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