October 01, 2015

September 2015 Progress Report

September didn't feel like a terribly productive month, but doing these progress reports serves as a nice reminder to me that I haven't been entirely idle. Let's have a quick recap!

Modeling / hobby:

- Fixed Copperhead broken during a demo of Batman Miniature Game. She also got a little more putty work done to really make sure the joins were looked after.
- I prepped and based the Hell Division trio and more police figures for Empire of the Dead. I've also decided to include the "Gentleman Bat" figure (created by some top-notch fellows over on LAF) in this batch. Total of 12 figures ready for paint.
- I applied basing materials to my 25mm Jaffa minis in hopes of someday getting my Stargate project further along. Total of 22 soldiers and the like.
- All of my MDF western buildings from August got a spray coat of black primer.
- Finished a bit of customization work to an o-scale train water tower model I bought a while back.
- Sculpted custom bases for a set of the ninja figures from the Rise of the Kage core game. These seven minis also got a brush-on coat of primer.
- Bought three PlastCraft western buildings to complete my town, but was only able to construct one of them in September.
- Added another half-dozen SuperFigs models to my collection, all of whom are now cleaned, assembled, based and ready for painting.


- Painted up two Bones cowboys and a strumpet model for western gaming.
- Finally completed my "Alpha Flight" team of miniatures with addition of Vindicator.  Following this I have also finally sourced models for the rest of my Omega Flight team...which I do hope to complete before year's end.
- Completed five more SuperFigs: Kragg, Emerald Alien, The Wisp, Elasti-Woman and Perun. I was so happy with how these models turned out that I promptly bought more figures!

So what's next?

After some rather 'meh' games of Power Legion this year I decided to see what SuperSystem 4th Edition was all about and have ordered a printed copy of the rules from Lulu.com. I'm looking forward to getting a bunch of my superhero models on the table for some games.

My western town is really taking shape and I'm almost ready to start painting. I'm planning on using my airbrush to do a lot of the heavy lifting, but before I get to that I want to lay all the buildings out and decide what each of them is going to be (bank, hotel, mercantile, etc).

I've put together a list of small pieces I want to buy for other projects going forward, both figures and some scenery bits. There's so much great stuff out there nowadays that it is extremely challenging to restrict myself to just one or two projects at a time!

In terms of figures my immediate plan is to complete painting my Batwoman figure for BMG. The list of things I can tackle after that is long (big surprise), but will likely remain pretty fluid based on available free time, weather (winter is coming...) and my own mood on any given day. Of course I'm always up for suggestions about what you'd like to see. Post it in the comments below!

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