October 20, 2015

The Cat and the Bat(woman)

I've been working towards getting more of the superhero figures painted from Knight Models range for the Batman Miniatures Game. Yesterday I finished the second of two that will give me two completely different Law Forces crews at 250 rep each

Batwoman is a character I don't know much about, but really like the costume of. The red on black is really striking, so I spent a lot of time getting some depth to the wide swathes of red on the cape. Highlighting large areas of black is not something I really enjoy, and I did have a bit of trouble getting her eyes right, but I'm happy with this one for tabletop.

Next up is Catwoman. So much BLACK. It's hard to paint, takes a long time and is difficult to get a result I'm happy with, especially when compared with the studio paint jobs. There was a lot of watered down black paint, black washes, varying shades of blue dry brush stages and finally a touch of metallic and white for a top highlighting.

Her face ended up a little dark, but it's fine for table top. The red lenses on the goggles adds a nice touch of colour to top it off. I'm looking forward to painting something a little more colourful, but first I have to finish Batgirl. Of course...I decided on a mostly black colour scheme for her too... why oh why do I punish myself so!?


pulpcitizen said...

Nice work on both of those - I think you should be pleased. :)

Obsidian3D said...

Thanks. Part of my frustration is that all of my police turned out so well with little fuss. These two labor felt a bit like a fight all the way through. The amazing quality of the studio paint jobs also makes it tough to compare...but I know I can't paint that well so I have to be realistic.

pulpcitizen said...

Don't forget those studio paint-jobs are very likely on resin minis with crisper casts and therefore details (making life a little easier for them), so don't be hard on yourself. :)

Obsidian3D said...

Fair point that. I'll likely be going on to fix the over step on bat woman's mask and smooth out cat woman's skin so that I can call them complete.