October 14, 2015

How to Include All of DC in the Batman Miniature Game

If you have read my blog much in 2015 you'll know I've been spending a lot of time and money on the Batman Miniature Game by Knight Models. Over on the official forums there have been several discussions about whether the system would work for the larger DC Universe and accommodate games including characters like Superman and the Flash. Those conversations are usually split by folks who want more powerful characters joining in, and those who don't.

Over the past few months' releases from Knight Models, I have a strong feeling that they are indeed working towards scaling up the game. I am actually open to this, and think it could work. However, I don't think the entire DCU will simply get rolled in as characters to play in BMG.

The way I see KM introducing a DC Miniatures Game would be as its own rule set, but be entirely compatible with the Batman Miniature Game. Here's how I think that could work:

1. The stats on the DC characters cards will follow the same pattern as those from BMG. That means willpower, movement, endurance, reputation cost etc will all be there.

2. The abilities will be largely the same as those as in BMG, but will be expanded. We have already seen evidence of this will abilities like Fly and Beam being added on individual cards. Those two powers alone would make it possible to represent Superman in the game at a lower power level.

3. A new rule book for the DC game could be released and recommend a higher reputation limit for games, possibly something around 500 rep.
  • We have already seen three new types of objectives added since the BMG rule book's release. I imagine objectives will still play a part in the DC game, and continue expand.
  • The game restriction of it always being nighttime will be removed, making guns even more powerful, which would mitigate the power levels of some of the characters we would see in the game when facing them off against lowly henchmen.
  • Sewers would remain in the game as a way to get around the board more quickly.
  • All-new (or mostly new) scenarios would be in the DC rule book.
  • Characters from the DC Miniature Game would be fully compatible with those from BMG and vice versa.
If Knight Models followed the suggestions above, folks who want to stick with the Batman universe alone could do so. Those who want to bring a little more DCU into Gotham can, and others who want to go whole hog into DC could do that too.

So those are my thoughts on it. Let me know if you think I'm crazy, spot on, or way off. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.


Brad Sh said...

Sounds pretty. I am looking forward to the game.

Obsidian3D said...

Have to wait and see how close I am. I imagine there could also be a Marvel game release which will likely be the same game but a different book artwork and fluff wise.