November 06, 2015

BMG: Law vs Arrow at 250 Rep

We played another game of Batman Miniature Game yesterday, finally adding in Strategies after having ignored them for quite a while. I played a new crew with Gordon, Catwoman, Bravo, Delta, Echo and GCPD detective against Green Arrow, Nightwing, Alfred and Policeman.

As usual the scenario set up and objective placement took quite a while. It's one of the things that I dislike about the game, although I know we are getting faster at. We played scenario 5, which made a point of saying at least one objective had to go in an opposing deployment zone...which caused us a bit of confusion as the objective rules already state that for most objective types.

Our 250 rep game took us a long time, over two hours. It was fun though. A few highlight points:

- Bravo is a beast for in-close ranged combat. The shotgun hurts when it hits, and I hit quite often, almost putting Green Arrow down single-handedly.
- Nightwing needed to find a group of henchmen to smash, but wasted his time on the detective, who survived far longer than he should have. I sort of wanted to see him trigger electric storm, even though it would have likely mean sure KO for any of my henchmen.
- Hidden and Undercover were nice to help me get closer to objectives or threatening enemy miniatures quickly.
- The split deployment hurt Gordon's effectiveness as I split my henchmen up too far. I wasn't able to take advantage of Inspire, Let's Go or Take Cover. Due to that, Gordon felt largely useless until I was able to get into position to finish off Green Arrow on round 7.
- Echo needs Titan. I just can't seem to cause damage with a 5+ strength model, even with the bonus from his weapon I think I only hit and damaged three times with something like 15 attack dice thrown.
- Catwoman shouldn't be attacking anyone. I stupidly put her in base contact with Alfred (thinking she could help Delta take him out), but it cost me 2 VP because I couldn't score the loot she was carrying that turn. Her 5+ strength also makes her sort of useless as a melee combatant (a lot like Batwoman), although I did forget about her retractable claws, which might have put Alfred down one round faster than I did. She's highly mobile, so it makes sense to head for the loot, grab it and then run and hide.

In the end I had lost my detective and Bravo and my opponent was down to just Nightwing. The victory point total was heavily skewed in my favour however, with a 32-14 win.

I feel like Green Arrow and Nightwing should be an effective duo to play, I'm just not sure who you would take with them as their options are limited at 250 rep. They'd probably perform well at 300 rep instead.

My crew had a lot going for it and I want to try them again. The henchmen are solid threats if they can get into a good shooting or scoring position. Sticking with Gordon will also beef them up. Being henchman heavy and lacking a heavy hitter however, they are certainly vulnerable to some of the big names like Bane or Batman.


Simon Quinton said...

Sounds like you had a good time looks great. I shall be making notes for my own crew. I am thinking of running Loeb.

Obsidian3D said...

Loeb lacks mobility with only 1 move. But with inspire, kill them and discourage he is pretty good. Stick together.