November 20, 2015

SuperSystem 4th Edition Games

We've had a few games of SuperSystem 4th Edition over the past few weeks. The first of the two was a three-player custom scenario. I had created a fun board layout to play a scenario around my converted repainted Lex Luthor Heroclix figure wearing a prison jumpsuit.

The basic intro for the players was simple. Lex Luthor was being transferred to a maximum security underground facility in a remote location. Just as the agents transporting him arrived at the surface entry gate with their prisoner, they were set upon by teams either trying to rescue Lex, or stop him from being set free.

Brad was playing X-Men: Sunfire, Wolverine and Rogue. Seb was using Mister Sinister, Dr. Doom and Domino (no idea why these three were working together...), and I was using the Larcenous Legion: Kriegshunde, Elasti-Woman and The Wisp.

I had converted the profiles for my characters from the official 3rd edition profiles to 75 points and I think they worked out very nicely. As with any new game we missed and misinterpreted several rules but still had lots of fun. The LL were able to save Lex from a length imprisonment largely through the efforts of Elasti-Woman.

A few days later the X-Men were able to catch the Larcenous Legion in an ambush. The X-Men profiles had been tweaked slightly, and Colossus was along for the ride too. Rogue's injury from the previous game slowed her down a bit, and Sunfire's vow of vengeance on the Larcenous Legion proved to be largely moot while his enemies made good their escape.

I was able to add my custom character Zyklon to the game (he's a repainted 'clix Northstar). He was hard to capture with the 4th edition rules and might need a bit of a streamline. It's difficult to resist the temptation to give characters tons of powers rather than keep them focused and simple to play.

The game was again good fun and we are getting a handle on the nuances. Something to note about both games is that we did away with the single attack per character per round restriction. In 3rd edition it always felt artificial, and we all agree that so far, it helps speed up the game and avoids wasting AP when you are in base contact with an enemy figure.

These two games were also treated as 'campaign' games, going through the fame/infamy and experience acquisition for the teams and characters afterward. So far I've enjoyed it and I think everyone is looking forward to the next battle.


Jon said...

How did you create that Heroclix board?

Obsidian3D said...

They are Tablescapes tiles. They wouldn't work for heroclix as they don't have a matching grid on them.