November 02, 2015

October 2015 Progress Report

October was a fair bit lighter in the realms of completed work, but not an entire wash.


- Cleaned, based and primed six new SuperFigs. This batch included the very first model from the line that came in multiple pieces. My copy of SuperSystem 4th Edition also arrived so I'll try my hand converting these character profiles over from 3rd Edition.

- Built and primed the last two (of three) western-themed buildings from PlastCraft. They are all quite similar in design, but mixed in with the rest of my buildings provide a nice amount of variety.

- With all of my western buildings finally finished I was able to lay them all out on the table and decide what each of them was going to be, and what colours I'd likely use. I'm going to aim for having a decent amount of colour, but still look worn and'll be an interesting experiment.

- Built and primed half of the Infinity N3 models I have from the "Operation: Icestorm" starter box. Putting together the 7 Nomads and the CSU figure took quite a bit longer than I'd expected, due to the extremely high amount of extra metal chunks attached to most of the pieces. It was strange, because the bodies for all the figures were very clean, requiring almost no clean up, whereas the arms and heads and the like had tons of flashing and chunks of metal on them that needed chopping off. Now that they're built I'm happy with them...but not looking forward to the PanO figures.

- Finally completed my water tower conversion and got it primed.


- I finished painting Catwoman and Batwoman for the Batman Miniature Game. I need to go back and touch up their faces very briefly this week, but I still consider them finished.

In other news I will confess that I was rather disappointed at the utter lack of response I garnered from posting my 500th item on the blog. After doing this for over 10 years and posting that much content, I was pretty excited about it. In the end, I do this for myself more than anything else, but I know there are folks out there that do read occasionally, and I really enjoy hearing from them.

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween!


pulpcitizen said...

Quite an eclectic mix of games and genres you have been/will be tackling. :)

Obsidian3D said...

That isn't the half of it! Trying to get through the western scenery has been way more time consuming than I expected.

pulpcitizen said...

Looking forward to seeing what you produce. :)