April 04, 2007

And the Juno goes to...Jimmy B!

Congratulations to Jim Byrnes on winning Blues Album of the Year at the 2007 Juno Awards for his latest album, House of Refuge. Jim is one of the most entertaining and friendly performers I've ever had the chance to see. For more of my thoughts about Jim and his music read my concert review here.

If you want to check out Jim live he'll be in Calgary in July for the Folk Music Festival, July 27th - 29th. I know I'll be there! Other tour dates and info can be found on his label's website http://www.blackhenmusic.com/


Zyclo said...

Dude! Please tell me there is something more interesting going on in your life besides watching the Junos! Like, farting for example.

Carlos said...

When did I ever say I *watched* the Juno awards? I only said one of my favorite artists won one.