September 14, 2012

Field Report: SA-120813-F

Friday, Sept 14th - 1922

ATTN: Director Silver
RE: Civilian death incurred during Threshold operation SA-120913-F


While investigating the disappearance of several paleontologists on a dig near Drumheller, Alta we encountered several cult members attempting to gain control of a rampaging fishman. The two newest agents who joined us after the unfortunate deaths of Trisha Kellington and Arthur Hendry fought well, and we were able to kill the creature.

The cultists seemed to go into a maniacal frenzy after the loss of the fiend and we were forced to retreat. I was able to keep our activities quiet, but I've enclosed an excerpt from the "Drumheller Mail" that appeared this morning.

Carl Selinger


Man Found Dead After Vicious Animal Attack

The body of a man was found near an excavation site early this morning by representatives from the Tyrell Museum. Police have identified the corpse as that belonging to a Calgary man named James Forester, Jr.

Two days ago police were called to the site to investigate the disappearance of the team conducting the dig where a large fossilized tyrannosaur skeleton had been discovered. It was originally thought that there might be foul play involved, but with the discovery of Forester's body that has been ruled out.

The corpse was found severely mauled around the back and neck, as though from a very large predator, possibly a wolf. Fetid black fluid was found in the wounds and surrounding the body, but police investigators report that it may simply be the by-product of small organisms feeding on the dead flesh.

Photos were not made available by police due to their grisly nature.

Mr. Forester had no surviving immediate family. None of his acquaintances had seen him for several months, and how he came to be at the dig site still remains a mystery. A memorial service will be held next week following the cremation of the remains.


Eddie Kataishi said...

I love the way you do these posts, but if I might make an editorial suggestion:
What was the old time contraction for Alberta? I know "Ont." was used for Ontario... Alb. perhaps? Using that over the modern AB might reinforce the period flavor of these posts.
Just an idea - glad to see your agents haven't given up!

Eddie Kataishi said...

Actually... I just came across this... "Alta." was the former English postal abbreviation for Alberta with "Alb." the Francophone version.

This will have to go in my period resources...

Obsidian3D said...

Yup, Alta is correct. I hadn't really given that any thought, but it's a good point from a historical standpoint.

Brummie said...

Love it, nice work sir!

Obsidian3D said...

Thanks very much! :D