September 07, 2012

Well...That Sucked

So yesterday I made it to the game shop a little early. Usually I'm not able to get there until 6:30, but I arrived a full half hour earlier than that. I grabbed one of the boards for Strange Aeons, some terrain and took possession of a table. The other regular Strange Aeons player was there and had his figures. Things were looking pretty good.

Digging into my bag I found that my regular dice tin had been forgotten at home. Not really a big deal, as I had a few others in my box of tokens. I'm not one that subscribes to any kind of luck being inherent in little plastic cubes; the games would go on. Worst case scenario I could have used Brandon's for the game.

Not too long ago I picked up a Chessex medium sized figure case because the number of figures I have for Strange Aeons had outgrown the smaller box I was using. I hadn't been in love with the new case, but now I have decided I dislike it quite a bit. The hole cuts for the figures are actually too big, so they roll around unless you put two figures in each spot. That wasn't really the problem though...upon opening the case I found clear proof that the trays aren't quite deep enough: both of my tommy gun cultist figures had extremely bent barrels, one of which is actually cracked and will likely break off it any further pressure is applied to it. Not exactly awesome.

Anyway, on to the games. Brandon had put together a new list after his old one disbanded. We rolled up the scenario and got Monster Attack. Hm...I would only be able to use one model, and only had 15 points to use. I didn't have a figure that would work as a formless thing, so I decided to use a high priest and hope that I could roll some good stuff on the evil spell table. This actually happened and I ended up with Eldritch Barrier, Touch of Death and Time Shift. That combination could actually prove to be pretty deadly if I could pull them all off.

My high priest was faced off against 4 agents so it would probably be an uphill climb, but with the spells and a 2+ resolve I thought I might have a chance. With a little time before the agents were in firing range I decided to try casting my Eldritch Barrier (granting a 4+ save on all wounds) first. I rolled a....ONE. Bye bye spell; the best one I had. Things pretty much followed that pattern from there. I did score a single death touch on one of the agents, but she survived with some kind of minor phobia.

Second game was my turn to play Threshold. I had my newly recruited agent and got lucky rolling a simple Fight! scenario. We decided to use one of the options and the Lurkers ended up spread all over the place with Random Deployment. Pretty good news for me as the cult leader was all by himself near my chosen board edge.

I ran my lonely civilian up as cannon fodder while I moved the agents into position. When James moved in to start close combat his phobia kicked in, he panicked and ran straight off the table edge. After two rounds of almost universally awful shooting my agents were able to take down the cult leader without suffering any injury. With the remaining cultists spread all over the board it looked like a simple mopping up exercise after that.

Even though I was trying to keep my agents away from the cleaver-wielding psychopaths Trisha Kellington wasn't fast enough and fell with a major injury. The rest of the team avenged her death and focused on the final cultist. Long story short, that lone cultist took down ALL THREE of my agents all by himself.

It was probably the most frustrating rolling of the dice I've experienced in a long time. When I rolled to shoot I very rarely hit anything, and when I hit the roll to wound was almost universally a 2. When close combat came around the parry on the cleaver would turn my 5s and 6s into a 2 or 3. Maddening to say the least.

In the post game sequence I ended up with my lieutenant suffering a leg injury, Arthur rolling up a simple DEAD result, and Trisha the new recruit rolling multiple injuries...the first roll of which was...DEAD. Plainly put, I got fucked six ways from Sunday. I don't have the time to paint up two new agent models right now among all the other stuff I'm working on, so when I re-equip my list those two models will be returning. I doubt I'll even bother to rename them at this point...which is probably not exactly in the best spirit of the game, but whatever.

Oh yeah, and yesterday I sliced up my finger really nicely while I was working on something with the hobby knife. F-in' awesome.

I'm taking a break for a few days before I roll some dice, and somehow one of them jumps into my mouth, lodges in my throat and I choke and die on it. Better safe than sorry they say.


Brummie said...

Awww man that sucks dude. Sometimes the dice just bite you in the ace. Hopefully the next game will be better. Chin Up Dude and soldier on

Obsidian3D said...

Next game will be better I'm sure.

Eddie Kataishi said...

What if you call her Alicia? She joined Threshold to find out what happened to her twin sister...

Obsidian3D said...

Could work!