September 10, 2012

Snowbird & the Gentleman

I finished up a few more figures. The first one is a Heroclix conversion that I'll be using for games of SuperSystem: Snowbird.

Obviously I re-based the figure onto a custom 30mm round base. The rest of the work was simple. I used an Asurmen Blue wash on all of the white and blue parts of her uniform and cape. Afterwards I applied a Gryphonne Sepia wash to her hair and face, and then finally painted a few view thin coats of white over her body suit to give her a nice smooth finish.

The figure I'm planning to use for her alternate form is in progress. I'm hoping to have it finished tomorrow.

My next completed piece is one of the figures from the villains starter box for Pulp City: the Gentleman.

The paint on this figure was pretty simple. I used blue, red, black, metal and flesh from my Army Painter starter box. I used a light citadel grey for the suit. Once I had my base coat applied I covered the whole figure in Strong Tone ink...and was promptly disappointed. While the strong tone looked good on the skin and metals, it looked terrible on the grey suit. So, I fired up my brush and started over. After I repainted the grey I decided I liked it looking clean and fresh. A fellow who calls himself "The Gentleman" should have a nice suit.


Brummie said...

Nice job on both of these. I can see 'The Gentlemen' getting some use for 7TV

Obsidian3D said...

Yeah, other than the mechanical head he's standing on, the figure itself is pretty nondescript. I decided not to paint his hands with gloves on, even though most of the pictures in the rule book show him wearing them.