September 10, 2012

Mythic DC Adventures

Yesterday afternoon a few people dropped by to try out a role-playing session. It's been at least six months or longer since we played any RPGs. That would have been a session of Savage Worlds using a modern horror one-sheet adventure. We didn't finish the adventure, but it seemed to go well.

The biggest issue with playing a role-playing game is that someone needs to be the game master. Invariably that would be me. However on this occasion Collin had something we were going to try; the Mythic RPG game master emulator. We were going to try using the emulator to play without a GM, and decided to use the new DC Adventures (based on Mutants and Masterminds) to play it.

We had four players and used pre-made character sheets for Green Arrow, Nightwing, Mister Miracle and John Constantine. As the adventure played out we ran into mystical barriers, shape shifting cultists, Barbara Gordon and were successful in stopping a nefarious plot at the Gotham Museum of Modern Art.

After some investigation we happened upon a dark ritual being overseen by Glorious Godfrey; these agents of Apokalypse were attempting to open a portal to their master's domain. What their plans were beyond the opening were undiscovered. With Nightwing and Green Arrow distracting the cultists Mister Miracle and John Constantine attempted to stop the portal from opening. Miracle's attempts proved fruitless, so Constantine surprised them all and...stepped through.

A blaze of light closed around him and the portal disappeared, John Constantine along with it.

The adventure we played didn't end up using much in the way of the character stats or DC Adventures game engine. A few pieces of equipment off the character sheets and a couple of skill checks were all we really needed in order to play it out. I was really impressed with how well the Mythic system worked to shape the adventure and throw in some twists. It worked REALLY well.

If you have a group with an overworked GM that would like to play a game or two, or maybe just some tools that would help them streamline their game mastering I highly recommend Mythic. This session was the first time I was able to actually play in a game and it was a lot of fun.

Next time I'd like to try using Savage Worlds as the game system, but I will most assuredly be using Mythic for any of my future RPG play. I can finally take part in the adventures and not be stuck running games for everyone else.

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