August 14, 2015

A Rant About Kickstarter - the site, nothing more

Ok minor rant time.

I use Kickstarter a lot. I've supported many a project over the past few years, and today I happened upon something that, as a software designer, drove me absolutely insane.

After over five minutes of searching, it's fucking impossible to submit feedback to Kickstarter.

You might ask what the hell I'm talking about, so here's a little more detailed information.

I was reading an update from the creator of one of my supported campaigns on my iPhone. It had some nice info and images in it, so I wanted to add a comment stating my appreciation. When I clicked on the "Leave a Comment" button, the page simply reloaded and I was right back where I started.

Yes, I was logged in.

Now, this is odd, so I went to the support section on the site. There's no way to submit a bug report or feedback. I can submit specific things about "My stuff" or "General Questions" like pledging and payments. But a simple "hey this didn't work like I expected" message to the KS team is apparently not possible.

To make sure I wasn't hallucinating I jumped onto my computer to verify. Same damn problem: I can't submit feedback. Apparently they're plenty happy helping me create a project (so they can take some of my money), or pledging for a project (so they can take my money), but providing me a clear way to ask a question about the site's functionality is something one simply does not do.

Not cool Kickstarter, not cool.

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styx said...

I am sure they have something buried somewhere to contact them, some sites don't make it easy to contact them as they would receive thousands of complaints every day and they hide it to avoid it