August 31, 2015

Garden of Morr...With Even More Morr

Here's a quick post to finish off the month of August. I bought the Games Workshop "Garden of Morr" several years ago, with an eye to using it for games of Strange Aeons or possibly Empire of the Dead.  Some of these pieces even made an appearance in a game or two of Batman.

A few months ago I had done most of the painting required on the fences, but more recently I added an extra set of all the walls from friend who had used parts for another scenery project. Some repair work had to be done on that set, as the spikes on all of the walls had been removed. I needed some patience but was able to glue appropriate pieces back in place. Some of them look like they've been bent down or replaced.

Painting was accomplished largely through dry brushing using my standard colours for stone and dirt. I did use some P3 Cryx Bane Base to give it a bit of green before painting the foliage. I opted against painting all of the roses sculpted in, I thought it would look too busy.

The last step of the painting were the three buildings from the set. More drybrushing was the order of the day here, but I also tried a little experiment on the roofs of the buildings; I guess they're technically mausoleums right? I tried two different colours of bronze paint, then applied a heavy amount of GW's technical oxide paint with an unpronounceable name. While it was still wet I wiped downwards with a paper towel to remove some of it and simulate the effect of gravity.

It didn't look great initially, but once it completely dried I was very happy with it! I have another project that it will be coming in handy on very soon.

I may add some patches of static grass and clump foliage to enhance the texture in the future, but for now I'm calling it done.


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Thanks! This is a good multipurpose kit for folks playing Batman or any number of Gothic / Victorian whatever-themed games.