August 07, 2015

July 2015 Progress Report

Hobby seemed to take a bit of a back seat through July. I split my time amongst five projects, which is a quite few more than I'd promised myself I would work on. Here's what happened in my hobby realms...with far fewer photos than I'd like!

The first thing I recall finishing in July was actually painting my MDF DreadBall pitch from start to finish. You can read more about that by clicking here.

Stuff built for Batman Miniatures Game:

- Black Canary and Batgirl
- Victor Zsasz and Arkham Inmates set (4)
- Titan Bane
- Blackgate Prisoners set I (4)
- Blackgate Prisoners set II for BMG (4)

When I bought my Terminator Genisys starter set I built them the same day. This month I put some basing material on them and got everything primed in black. Although not fully complete I've painted all the endoskeletons (15) who simply lack a few finishing touches.

We even had a chance to play through a few games. I may or may not do some kind of game recap or review in the future. I'll have to see.

I constructed what amounts to a whole town for western gaming including

- Two GameCraft MDF buildings from the Blackwater Gulch campaign which I'll be using as a hotel and general mercantile
- Two Battle Flag MDF buildings; a jail and gallows
- Eight outhouses
- A MicroArts western Wild West Exodus set that included four buildings, two sheds and another outhouse
- Painted up two small sets of fences for wild west gaming (13 pieces total)

We played a few games of AT-43 recently, which got me working on some of my custom figures to go with the retail-released items.

- Built a squad of ONI Korps human troopers (12)
- Built two squads of Contaminator Zombies (24 - a few aren't in the photo as the require some minor repairs)

All in all I'm quite happy with my progress through July, but it seems that I should really paint something soon. We'll have to see how August turns out!


Simon Quinton said...

Its all hobby related stuff so it all counts.

styx said...

You are making more headway than me right now! I am assembling a good bit of stuff, mostly Bolt Action that has been back logged, but the weather does not permit me to primer either rains or gets hot after it rains so the humidity is just insane in the 80% or higher range....In Florida we call this the months of July and Aug as assembly and playing times.

Obsidian3D said...

Can't disagree with you there.

Obsidian3D said...

It is usually hot and dry here in summer, so I should prime a bunch of this stuff before fall. Lots to paint over the fall and winter!