August 20, 2015

Holy First Painted Figures Batman!

After I had built and painted all the markers and 'furniture' it was at last time to start applying paint to some actual characters from the Knight Models range for the Batman Miniatures Game.

I had built and primed a lot of the KM figures already and wanted to paint some in a batch, so I chose the four uniformed police and Commissioner Loeb. Batwoman is on the table too but not yet complete. You can read a game recap of my first attempt using this 250 rep crew here.

Apologies for the mediocre individual photos.

Painting these figures didn't get off to a great start as I waffled around trying to settle on colours. The first blue I chose was too bright. Then I tried an all blue uniform with something a little darker...and didn't like that either. Taking a cue from the package imagery I settled on grey trousers and very light blue shirts under dark blue jackets. Loeb being in his dress uniform simply meant his trousers would match his jacket. Easy!

After I gave each figure a slightly different flesh tone I used GW Fortress Grey for the trousers, washed w/ Badab Black and then highlighted again with the base colour. The shirts are a 1:1 mix of AP White and Shadow Grey. Pure P3 Exile Blue for jackets and hats, then P3 Coal Black for jacket trim. Next was a GW Asurman Blue wash on all blues, highlighted with base colours. For the jackets I did an extra highlight with a 1:1 mix of Exile Blue and the base colour for the shirt. Some gunmetal and GW Shining Gold was put on the badges and trim, washed w/ Devlan Mud and highlighted with the base colour.

O'Connell and Agent Ron needed a lot of green stuff on arm joins before priming. Otherwise, these figures were easy to build. The position of their arms made it difficult to paint the faces as well. Speaking of faces...I had a lot of trouble with the simply getting some ivory onto the eyes of these figures. Some of the details are very small and I can't imagine how someone actually paints eyeballs on something like this!

Lastly, the female officer's skin on her chest was difficult to paint, as the casting had lots of small pits which needed to be filled with paint to make smooth. When I applied my first wash it looked pretty awful. After a few more applications of paint I was able to hide it but it was a touch disappointing on an otherwise excellent looking figure.

They took longer than I wanted them to, but turned out very nicely in the end. I still have to seal the paint work with a matte coat, but after that GCPD's finest are ready to combat the crime and insane villains of their city!

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