August 24, 2015

Gotham City SWAT - Figures For Batman Miniature Game

I've been on a bit of a roll this week, getting a total of a dozen figures completely painted for the Batman Miniatures Game by Knight Models. Fast following the footsteps of my uniformed police I have completed the remaining Law Forces figures.

The four SWAT officers and Branden started out with the same P3 Exile Blue as the uniformed officers. A light coat of black covered most of the rest of the figures. It was almost a wash, but perhaps a little thicker. I dry brushed this with GW Fortress Grey and then washed the whole lot with GW Asurmen Blue. After that I went back in and highlighted with Exile Blue and Fortress Grey. The blue got another highlight of a 1:1 mix of Exile Blue and Army Painter Shadow Grey.

The detective in the back is essentially the same as the uniformed cops from last week, just with the trouser and shirt colours reversed. He and Branden got a basic five o'clock shadow with some GW Ogryn Flesh wash. The goggles and Gordon's glasses were painted white then washed with blue, and finally given a gloss coat for some shine.

Gordon was intentionally painted to stand out from the rest. His pants and hair were base coated with GW Scorched Brown, and the jacket done with P3 Gun Corps Brown. Both were given a wash of AP Soft Tone and then highlighted with the base colours again. A second highlight of P3 Bloodtracker Brown was applied to the pants and and a 1:1 mix of P3 Beast Hide and Gun Corps Brown highlighted the jacket.

Before the final hour I spent painting them, I was happy with the officers, but not the 5 SWAT. I had tried to make them semi-realistic and it wasn't very eye catching. Adding some small metal highlights, the goggle varnish and a few tiny highlight touches really helped. The addition of the red scopes helped tie them all together and make them look like the trained soldiers the should be.

Well, that's a full dozen members of GCPD who've crossed my painting table this week. Colour me one satisfied painter for now. I'm not sure what I'm going to tackle next!


pulpcitizen said...

Terrific output and they look excellent. :)

Obsidian3D said...

It just occurred that I should have taken a picture of the whole lot. Oops.

styx said...

That would be cool to see the entire lot! Great work, I just finally got my Black Mast crew primered.

Obsidian3D said...

Haha all fear the dread pirate Sionis!