August 21, 2015

Custom: Batman Beyond For BMG

While I was working on my uniformed police for the Batman Miniatures Game I also started to paint my Batwoman figure. Repainting a Batman Beyond figure from Heroclix would be the perfect opportunity to test the colour techniques without potentially ruining a $22 figure from Knight Models.

The sculpt for Batman Beyond is very good. He's almost perfectly in scale with the BMG figures and the paint only needed a bit of touching up. I covered the red of the cape with GW Mephiston Red and then a wash of GW Baal Red wash. That was followed by a liberal coat of the base colour, leaving some shadows in the recesses. For a highlight I mixed in some P3 Orange (probably about 1:1) and applied several, gradually smaller coats for a final highlight.

It was difficult taking a good picture of this guy.

Black is a colour that you could take forever painting, but I didn't have the desire to do much work on this so I went for a technique I've used in the past. P3 Coal Black drybrush, followed by a wash of Badab Black. It's very subtle, but I'm happy with it. For Batwoman I might go into more detail and try using glazes. Might. (but probably not)

I had to paint in his eyes several times to get them to look even. I used P3 Menoth White Highlight instead of pure white. He's mounted on a hand-sculpted base.

"What the hell was that?"

I'd really love to track down an Eaglemoss 1:43 die cast Batmobile from the cartoon for my collection, even though it would serve zero purpose and the figure couldn't actually sit in it. Barring that however, I created a character profile for him for the Batman game. Thanks to Brad for providing me with the blank card template! He's the first Batman that's not Bruce Wayne, so I opted to make him a Sidekick to allow him to partner up with the old man from time to time.

I forgot to put Law Forces in his affiliation list. Pretend it's there.

If you give the character a try, I'd really love to hear about it. Give me some feedback on how he works out. Is he over- or under-powered for his reputation cost? I tried to make him different from other Batman characters in the game, but do worry that I made him too good. I'll need to test it out in a few games...provided I can find an opponent these days.


Blaxkleric said...

Terrific stuff O3D. Great looking paint-job and as you say he really fits in with the rest of your gang in scale. I paint a lot of "Heroclix" myself so will try and track that particular model down myself. Are you currently following the "Batman Beyond" title by "DC Comics"?

Obsidian3D said...

I haven't been no. I stopped buying monthly comics years ago, but I still grab trades for stories that look interesting. Next time I'm at the comic shop I'll take a look.