February 02, 2007

I only have to make it one more day

Ugh what a week. Work has been a serious chore this week. January and February are the big crunch time for this new company I'm at so everyone, their dogs and even the dog's fleas are in a hurry. Today was a vast improvement over the beginning of the week and I'm eyeing Friday to hopefully, end in a nice smooth finish. Have to wait and see on that one.

As for the whole blogging thing, I don't have a vision or direction for what I'm going to post here. But then, from what I've read on a lot of others neither does anyone else so I guess I'm right on track.

Totally unrelated, I realize that none of the pictures from last year's posts work anymore. I did some reorganizing of my online photos and broke all the links in the process. I'm too lazy to fix them, so they'll just show up as sexy red Xs. Isn't that hot?

Let's see...oh yeah. On Saturday my friend goes back to Japan after being here for a month or so. I've spent a lot of my month showing him around and trying to help him have a good experience here. I'll try to post a recap of the month with a few of the pictures I took to alleviate you readers from the copious amounts of nonsensical text I am somehow able to pour into this space everytime I sit down. Pretty amazing for someone who starts off saying that they don't have anything to say!

Oh, and for all you people without Japanese language support on your computers...the next line or two will show up as not-quite-so-sexy little rectangles.

日本 の ともだち へ!

ひさしぶり よ。 ながい 間 から 会った です ね。 さみしい。 もし しらない なら、 今年 の 九月 日本 に 行く つもり です。 けっこ 二週間 ぐらい けど まだ しりません。 会って あそびましょ。


Marina said...

Just to say hi!

Tya-ruzu said...

Thanks for stopping by! :D