February 04, 2007

Rewind a little bit

Ok, so I covered the whole 'found a job' thing a few days back. But what exactly did I do with my time before I found said job? Well, I spent a lot of time surfing the net and reading through newspapers looking for, and applying for various things. I had a few interviews, an offer that was appealing even though the money was way too low for my experience level and eventually lucked into this one by well...luck. It helps that my sister knows like everyone in in the city too.

Of course there are only so many new jobs posted everyday so it wasn't like I could sit and apply for stuff for hours and days on end. I needed something to fill my time. There were a lot of books read, most notable being the final volume in Stephen King's Dark Tower series. I have to say I wasn't that surprised at the ending, but it was probably the most suitable ending. There's a prequel comic book coming out very soon that should be well worth a read, and I'm pretty interested in checking it out.

The other major things I started doing were sorting through all the junk I'd been storing in my parent's basement (saved a ton of money rather than renting a storage space) and drawing a short 6-page comic for a friend upon request. While I can't show you photos of the stuff at mom and dad's (how exciting would a pile of boxes be anyway?), I can show you the story I drew. I believe it's slated to be colored, but I don't know exactly when, so um...yeah. Here is a link to the story:


享年 の 九月 と 十月 で あたらしい しごと を さがしました。 けど 毎日 もし それ だけ したら つまらない。 だ から ともだち は ”マンガ の おはなし を かいって ください” と ききました。 上 の link には わたし の え です。 見て ね?

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