February 05, 2007

No focus

Some days, it just seems like there's a total lack of direction. Today isn't one of them, but with an hour or two less sleep it certainly could have been. This post however is entirely without direction. I just decided that I felt like typing more than staring at the TV screen. Why this screen is more appealing I can't really say. It certainly requires more thought and work to sit and type than it does to drool (only figuratively of course) in front of the TV.

Well since the last post was on the topic of going back in time (without the fancy DeLorean sadly), I might as well continue on that track. I think I've pretty much covered September and October. For all you calendar-challenged out there that would bring us to *gasp* November!

Plain and simple, not much of note occurred in November. At least, I certainly can't bring to mind anything terribly momentous other than the company Christmas party in Banff. That was a pretty swanky setup. Hosted at the Banff Springs hotel in (you guessed it) Banff, it was very cool. Unfortunately I forgot the camera I had borrowed in order to take pictures of the place, which was really disappointing.

The hotel is fabulous. They actually give you a map of the place when you check in, because it's so incredibly huge that there is a high probability of getting lost in the myriad of corridors, stairwells, halls and lounges. The party was a lot of fun, and I had a chance to chat with several of my co-workers outside of a work setting and actually get to know a little about some of them. I certainly would have liked to talk with some more people, but there was only so much time in the evening, and many people were with guests or family, so I didn't want to be too intrusive or interrupt other conversations.

I was able to go back to the hotel in January and finally take a few pictures. The Christmas decorations are long-since removed, but it's still worth a look. Click the links I've included here for a small glimpse of the grandeur!

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