February 06, 2007

A little TOO focused

Well it seems that I may have to eat a little crow over the last post there. In my hurry to recap the past few months I actually glossed over a few pretty major events. Definitely not cool, but at least I'm addressing it now rather than pretending my oversight never happened in the first place.

The first event that I skipped over would have to be my friend's wedding out in Banff. Yes, I've been there a few times since I came back. I can certainly think of less scenic places to hang out, so uh...yeah. Anyway, it was really cool that they invited me up to see them exchange vows and have a good time. The ceremony was nice and it was good to see them both after well over a year. They're a good match.

I was also able to see some other friends, one of whom was kind enough to give me a ride TO the wedding. It's a long walk from Calgary so I probably would have just stayed home. It was a nice change to be able to actually go to a wedding I'd been invited to. I missed a lot of them while I was away which was a real shame. I certainly would have liked to be there for more of them.

On the topic of weddings, an old friend from high school also tied the knot in December. Once again, I was unable to attend the ceremony but was able to make it to the bachelor party. The best man had the great, yet extremely disturbing, idea of dressing the groom-to-be up in a dress and taking him out to get shot. Well, with paintballs anyway.

We had a good time inflicting some much-deserved pain on our friend (all in preparation for the greater pain of married life, if you ask some people). Afterward we tried to dull the pain of the welts and bruises by getting him as drunk as possible. While we were sitting around the table we realized that it had been over five years since all of us had been together in the same place, which was rather sobering. But only for a minute or three. We've been friends a long time, and that's something you can't replace, no matter where you all end up in life.

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