February 03, 2007

Setting my inner-geek free

Not that it's ever actually been in hiding, but I suppose there are some of you out there who don't know that I am a huge collector of comics and toys. Well, while I was in Japan I happened upon the absolute coolest action figures I've ever seen: Microman!

The cool thing about Micromen figures is that while they do come as unique figures with their own backstory (don't ask me what it is, I can't read enough kanji to figure it out), there are also male, female and girl model blank figures available in like a trillion colors for people who want to make their own characters.

So, I thought I'd give it a try and start with something easy: Symbiote Spiderman. I actually made this guy a little over a year ago, but was never able to take very good pictures of it until recently. It is just a black micro-male that I painted with a less-than-accurate Gundam marker. I think he still looks pretty cool though, and I even made a few little weblines for him to swing around on.

I made a cheezy little story out of some pictures last week. The other figure is Green Goblin from the Marvel Legends Showdown toyline. I'm still questing after the last few of this series, so if anyone can hook me up with Wave 4, or Silver Surfer from wave 3 please let me know!

Oh yeah, the link for the other pictures is here: http://s66.photobucket.com/albums/h248/Obsidian3d/Customs/SymbioteSpidey/?action=view&slideshow=true

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