November 07, 2013

Star Trek: Attack Wing - OP2 Romulan Follow Up

If you stopped by yesterday you read my plans to try out a Romulan build in my second month 2 Dominion War event. We played that tonight so here's the quick run down.

Round 1 was against another Romulan build, two Valdore-class and an Apnex. He had cloaked mines which really did a number on me. I took out the Apnex and the named Valdore in turn 4, but was utterly unable to avoid the combined firepower of the weapons platforms, mines and the lone enemy ship and be able to maneuver myself into decent position after the initial fly-by. I lost this game due to those damned mines!

Round 2 pitted me against a two-ship Enterprise build of the Defiant and the Reliant. My opponent's rolls were not good, and we both suffered from loss of action due to poor planning. I was able to take out the Reliant quickly. The Defiant was destroyed the next turn with a well-placed Muon token but Cheat Death, O'Brien and Scotty kept it alive a little longer. My three ships gave chase and mopped up fairly quickly after that. I have to say that I haven't seen anyone roll dice more poorly over the course of an entire event than our poor Federation player!

Round 3 was against a pure Dominion fleet. I flew slowly up the side as did my opponent, allowing all my ships chance to cloak and try to see what he would do. Initial hits against the Gor Portas were transferred off to the Kraxon, so I gambled a bit and ran the Apnex up right in front of his ships and dropped the Muon token on it.

A few rounds later my opponent had largely forgotten about the token and planned a 5-ahead maneuver. With no shields and some prior hull damage the muon ripped the ship apart. Some concentrated fire from Toreth and Donatra took out his 5th Wing. The Gor Portas destroyed my Apnex (but not after suffering from the ship's ability), and after several turns of tiresome maneuvering I was finally able to kill the last Dominion vessel.

The second victory put me in second place with a 2-1 record, so once again I won a Ch'Tang. However, since one of the players seemed uncomfortable voting for fellowship (we had a total of four tonight), I gave him my prize ship and let the Federation player take the last one.  While I would have liked a second copy of the prize ship, it seemed like the best way to send everyone home relatively happy.

Personally I'm glad that month 2 is over. The scenario wasn't particularly fun to play. It would have been nice if the weapon platforms were destroyable, of if there had been some kind of objective on the planet that would allow the players to take control of, or disable them. I'm looking forward to month 3.

As to my fleet, I had some wasted equipment. I never used either of my elite talents, nor the tactical officer. That's not to say the option to wasn't good, it just never seemed the best choice. I'll have to give Romulan builds some more thought before I try them again.


styx said...

I just don't have the cash ATM to get into this. It and the Xwing game both look interesting.

I think what you did was cool and a nice thing for the other player. Goodwill goes a long way in the karma pool.

Obsidian3D said...

I've never played XWing, but I quite enjoy Attack Wing. There is a lot of variety to be had already and there are on 15 retail available ships. It captures the feel of trek pretty well.
The folks that are playing all seem like nice people so it seemed like the right thing to do. Besides, I can always use a little good karma :)