November 04, 2013

Strange Aeons: The Tournament?

I'll keep this one pretty brief.

On Saturday we played a day-long tournament of Strange Aeons at Imaginary Wars hosted by Uncle Mike. It was a three-round custom Black Dossier set up. Each player started a new Threshold list at the standard 15BP. Each round was composed of two games where you played once as Lurkers and once as Threshold.

Due to the random pairings I only played one game against a new opponent. It would have been nice to play against some new people.

I was not one of the folks who took home a prize. I'll blame it on the dice for at least one game, but I really wasn't fully engaged in the games. Snowy Saturday weather, not a great night sleep etc etc. All that said, it was pretty good fun and very nice to see so many players come out for the event. We did finish early which was a nice bonus. I generally don't do well playing the same game for a full day, but with a break for lunch after the first two rounds I managed to survive.

I forgot to take any photos of my last game, but here are two from the first and second rounds. Each of the six tables available to play on were excellent looking.

Round 1

Round 2


Mathyoo said...

That asylum (?) table looks amazing!

I am a real jelly, watching you guys have so much fun!

Obsidian3D said...

It is at that. I had seen the board once before but never had a chance to play on it. It's a work of art really.

Simon Quinton said...

That top table is frikking amazing looking!